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President David A. King


A Welcome from the President

There is much about Malone University that intrigued Winnie and me as we began to explore the sense of calling to this field in the kingdom.

David KingThis began, of course, with a compelling mission and a quick appreciation for Walter Malone [as] a “progressive evangelical” Quaker who achieved a “synthesis” between “personal holiness and …efforts for social righteousness.” * It is indeed this synthesis that was important to our founders – Emma and Walter Malone - that remains central to Malone’s purpose. Beginning in 1892 the University’s history has been one of actively engaging learning and exercising our faith for the good of our communities, society, and the church.

At the same time even a compelling mission can become static and lifeless if not well populated and strategically sustained. Through the years Malone’s mission has indeed been well populated by caring and gifted faculty and students who are bright idealists, transformed by their academic, spiritual, and co-curricular experiences at Malone. Malone is also well populated by staff members who bring passion and professionalism to their calling, to their contributions to our student experience, and to the core of our business – the teaching / learning experience. And, in today’s turbulent economic times which make it increasingly challenging for most families to access the capacity building and transformation inherent in Christ centered higher education, Malone’s mission is increasingly well populated by supporters – trustees, alumni, foundations and friends alike.

Who is Malone and why do we matter?  Malone University is a diverse community of learners:

  • Intentional in our faith, thoughtful in our discipleship, Quaker in our heritage, and ecumenical in our ethos.

  • Striving to integrate our faith, our learning, and our experiential activism for the good of society and the church locally and globally.

And why does Malone matter?  At Malone our motto is Christ’s Kingdom First. But more than a motto, our objective to place Christ’s Kingdom First extends to each academic discipline; to our artistic expression; to each classroom - whether on campus, at a satellite location, or online; to our residence halls; to our worship; to our athletic fields; and to how we strive to work together as an ecumenical and diverse community .

At Malone academics matter. Our unwavering commitment to academic quality and our educational values are reflected in a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies programs. Our academic programs – liberal arts and professional programs alike - are created to challenge the emerging university student, the lifelong learner, and the career professional in a collaborative, supportive, and inspiring faith-based environment. At Malone we also care about cost and access with financial aid dollars stretched for maximum impact. Why Malone? Start here.

And we run the race! Malone’s rich history also includes excellence outside the classroom.  In 2013, Malone will begin active membership in the NCAA  as a Division II athletic program. Among numerous athletic legacies at Malone, the University’s track and field and cross country programs, led by 2012 USA Olympic Coach and 43 year Malone Pioneer Jack Hazen have included:

  • 245 track & field All-Americans

  • 113 cross country All-Americans

  • 24 individual national champions

  • 5 cross country national championships

  • 1 USA Olympic distance coach (London, 2012)

We invite you to begin today to explore the Malone experience as a student, as a supporter, and as an employee.

Welcome to Malone,

David A. King


*  J. Walter Malone: The Autobiography of an Evangelical Quaker (John Oliver, p. viii)