Housing & Dining

There’s a place for you at Malone

Living on campus is an integral part of your educational experience at Malone. We strive to build an environment that strengthens relationships and promotes Christ-like hospitality. Making your home in the center of it all allows you to feel more a part of the campus community and fully participate in everything Malone has to offer.

More Than Just a Place to Sleep

Our residence halls are places where you’ll develop friendships, study, relax, and find fellowship in faith. Each building offers unique traditions and events that fill campus with a variety of opportunities to build relationships and have fun!  

Taking Care of Your Space

The residence halls are entrusted to you for your care and stewardship. Rules and regulations are in place to ensure a healthy and safe living environment. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our student handbook so that you might become a responsible member of the Malone University community.

Your Resident Assistant and Resident Director

Malone staffs five full-time Resident Directors. Our Directors work to maintain an uplifting residence hall environment that supports the overall mission and vision of Malone University. 

Each hall is assigned multiple Resident Assistants. These are students dedicated to fostering a safe, welcoming community where residents can grow in all aspects of their lives.