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Undergraduate Admissions:
It's Time to Shine

If you seek a university that is Christ-centered, where your heart, mind and spirit will grow and will be placed into service for our world - we want you to be here.

Be part of the Malone Community

It's not unusual for a college to be proud of its successful alumni, but at Malone, we're just as proud of our students. They are ambitious and creative, bright and inquisitive, caring and giving.

When you become a Malone student, you become part of a vibrant, dynamic, and principled community where you can find your place easily and discover who God intends for you to become.

At Malone, students, faculty, and staff form a powerful community where they share a passion for learning and excellence, a spirit of cooperation, and a commitment to Christian values.

Our community comes together to study and worship, to play and celebrate, to live and grow, and most of all, to serve.