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Why Malone – An Accredited Christian College

Freedom to Grow in Faith. Freedom to Learn in Faith.

If you’re thinking about applying to Malone University, an accredited Christian college, we invite you to ask yourself a few important questions. We hope you find them helpful as you embark on the journey of choosing the college that’s right for you.

  • Is being a part of a tight-knit community important to you?
  • Are you committed to exploring your Christian faith more deeply, inspired by others who share your beliefs?
  • Are you seeking a path that will lead you to a life of serving God, your community and others?
  • Do you want to be challenged to achieve your highest potential at a university with high academic prestige and strong acceptance rates into a wide range of graduate programs?
  • Do you believe in doing while learning, through internships, missions, practicum experiences and service learning?
  • Do you seek strong one-on-one relationships with talented professors, coaches and other faculty who share your commitment to Christian values?
  • Is affordability important to you, particularly if the cost of a private institution like Malone compared very favorably to public universities?
  • Is proximity to a variety of cultural and recreational activities and access to top corporations important to you?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, Malone University wants to hear from you. And once you apply, you’re going to want to hear from us. Because we think you’ll feel very much at home here.

Life After Malone

 Even before our students arrive here, they want to know where they can go from here. Our strong acceptance rates into graduate, law and medical schools is just one indicator of the high quality of education you’ll receive at Malone.

 Malone alumni who do not continue on to graduate school will tell you that they go out into the world with a new confidence, an unwavering faith in God’s grace and the tools they need to succeed not only in a career but as a member of the greater community.

 If the Malone definition of success resonates with you, we invite you to apply to Malone University now. We think you’ll shine here.