Undergraduate Admissions

Welcome to your transformative journey at northeast Ohio’s only Bible-based university!

A Community Focused on Your Growth

Join a vibrant community where your academic, personal, and spiritual growth take center stage. At Malone, your undergraduate years aren't just about earning a degree; they're about embarking on a life-changing journey.

Preparing for a Dynamic Future

In a world where career paths are ever-changing, Malone stands out. We prepare you for jobs that haven't been created, in fields that are yet to be imagined. Our commitment is to your versatile and resilient future. 

Malone's new Learn & Earn program provides hands-on learning opportunities while minimizing out-of-pocket costs for students while they work their way through school. 

New at Malone: Learn & Earn

Where Faith Meets Academic Excellence

At the heart of Malone is the integration of faith and learning. Our approach isn't just about career preparation; it's about shaping leaders who make a positive impact, guided by the principles of Christ's Kingdom First.

World-Class Faculty and Rigorous Curriculum

Our faculty aren't just teachers; they're leading scholars in their fields. They're dedicated to providing a curriculum that's as challenging as it is relevant, setting you up for success in the job market and in graduate programs nationwide. 

Your Future Starts Here

Choose Malone University for an undergraduate experience that promises excellence, transformative academic & spiritual growth, and a path to a purposeful life. 


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