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Career Development Services

The Path From Student to Successful Professional

The Center for Student Success provides all students with the tools and skills needed to succeed in college – and in life after Malone University.

First-year through graduate students, whether needing help to figure out a major, understanding how internships work, or learning how to start a job search, professional advice is available every step of the way.

Stop by the Center for Student Success in Founders Hall 68, or call 330-471-8250, or email pff+znybar+rqh.

While not a 'placement service,' the office does equip students with necessary skills to prepare, connect, and transition from university student to professional via scheduled appointments, workshops, and events.  

Use the links on the directory at the left side of this page to explore free resources. Be sure to register for all priority employment services (MyPlan and College Central Network) during your first semester at Malone!