Great Court Informational Table Reservation Request

Tables are useful to convey information for organizations and companies. Malone welcomes companies, organizations, camps, other educational institutions to our campus each year. We request the following guidelines for those requesting a table through Event Services.


  1. External organizations can register through this form for Information Tables which help promote career opportunities, events or programs. Event Services will consult with Student Development and the Center for Student Success as needed. 
  2. The Great Court (outside the dining area in the Brehme Centennial Center) is the designated location for information tables.
  3. Requests have to be made at least 72 hours in advance.
  4. Tables are to be staffed by a representative of the organization at all times. We request no more than 2 representatives per table.
  5. No group may make more than 3 table reservations per month.
  6. University departments and registered student organizations shall not use their privileges to reserve tables and "front" for a non-university group or commercial entity. Outside companies should be referred to Event Services.
  7. Solicitation is not permitted. Goods may not be sold. Giveaways/prizes are permitted.
  8. Fundraisers for internal organizations may be authorized through Event Services.
  9. Food may not be distributed unless prior authorization is given.
  10. Organizations, including religious organizations are permitted to use tables, but they are to be in alignment with the Malone Community Responsibilities and Student Handbook.  Organizations should not solicit individuals, but allow students to approach them. Any literature at tables to hand out must identify the organization they represent. 
  11. Items may not be taped to the wall, door or windows. Information may be taped to tables, but please remove tape once you're done. Groups will be charged for any damage caused.
  12. Displays and activities associated with the table reservation cannot block the free flow of traffic or encroach on another table. Examples include: Stands/signs/A-frames. Items that block walkways, stairs or fire exits. Displays should not block other tables.  
  13. Amplified sound is permitted only at low levels so as to not disturb events/classes on other floors.
  14. One 8ft rectangle table and 2 chairs will be provided by Physical Plant in the Great Court of BCC; guests may also bring their own tables. If more tables are needed, please request it on the form.
  15. Tables may only be set up between the hours of 7a-7pm, Monday-Friday.  Hours are subject to change and are based on meal times/building hours.
  16. Existing furniture should not be removed.
  17. Consider using QR codes to help students learn more about your organization.
  18. Please click here to submit your table request.