Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Fall/Spring/Summer 2023-2024

Fee schedules for traditional undergraduate students for the current academic year - please note that the Board of Trustees reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments in fees at any time, but intends to give notice by April 1 of any fee change.


Block Tuition $17,400/semester 12 to 18 credit hours
Part-Time/Overload Tuition $610/credit hour 0.5 to 11.5 hours and for each hour in excess of 18

Block tuition at Malone University is $34,800 per year for 24 to 36 credit hours.  The annual undergraduate full time tuition rate is $1,122.58 per credit hour based on 31 credit hours.


Room $2,600/semester
Private room $3,600/semester
Room w/amenities $2,800/semester
Private Room w/amenities $3,800/semester


Carte Blanche Board Plan $3,045/semester
14-Meal Board Plan $2,825/semester 

Commuter Meal Plan

Available to commuters only and non-refundable


Consists of 75 meals / $75 flex $

*Please refer to 2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog/Student Development/Board (Meal) Plans for descriptions


12 hours or more enrollment $660/semester
8 to 11.5 hours enrollment $330/semester
3 to 7.5 hours enrollment $165/semester


Academic Course Fees (as required) $10-$650
Missed Spiritual Formation Opportunity Fine $35/missed SFO
Graduation Fee $100
Late Payment Fee $50/month
NSF Check Fee $20
Off-Campus Study Administrative Fee

$350 - Full-time

$175 - Part-time

Payment Plan Fee $50/semester
Student Intercollegiate Sports Insurance (Mandatory for Athletes) $450 per year
Testing-out $40/exam $30/credit hour passed
Withdrawal Fee $100 or 5% of direct costs
Student Teaching 15 weeks: $350


NURS 213, 214


NURS 313, 314 $480
NURS 413, 414 $480
NURS 462 $400


Enrollment Deposit for Residents $200 ($20 Orientation, $100 Security Deposit, $80 Prepaid to Student Account)
Enrollment Deposit for Commuters $200 ($20 Orientation, $180 Prepaid to Student Account)
Room Reservation Deposit for Returning Students $100


Legal Notices: 

The University will not release transcripts, diplomas or teaching licenses until all accounts are settled.

All charges must be paid in full before graduation. All accounts must be paid in full before enrollment in another semester is permitted. Interest may be charged on any unpaid balance.

The University reserves the right to use collection agencies and/or take appropriate legal action to collect any unpaid tuition and fees owed to the University.

All associated collection costs will be the responsibility of the student.