Student Testimonials: Addictions Counseling

Christin Fontes '23 and Madison Blyer '23 reflect on how Addictions Counseling (COUN 641) has prepared them to be compassionate counseling practitioners.

"Most people are familiar with substance use disorders' universal and pervasive impact on our neighborhoods, communities, and maybe even their friends and family. Before taking this class, I had a harsh view of those who struggled with addiction, believing that the only true path to sustainable sobriety was hitting a proverbial ‘rock bottom.’ As a society, we often answer the call of the most vulnerable similarly – using one's addiction as evidence of a moral failing or poor decision making.
In every way, Addictions Counseling at Malone upended and capsized that viewpoint for me. The course is a call to action that thorough and compassionate – based on the latest research, with the client always in mind. After taking this course, I feel more confident in my ability as a clinician. In fact, it inspired me to pursue my practicum placement in the substance use treatment field this summer!"  -Christin Fontes ’23

“Addictions Counseling was one of my favorite courses in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling
program at Malone. I didn't think I would have much interest in the topic of 'addictions,' but the way the information was presented (in combination with interactive, self-reflective assignments) was eye-opening and powerful. I feel confident in my ability to work with this population and, even if I don't, I'm certain I will draw on what I learned in class for both my personal and professional life.”  -Madison Blyer ’23