2024 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients Honored

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Malone University Honored: (L-R) Rebekka Russell, Kylene Boka, Lora Wyss, Steven Lane

Each year, faculty members are honored for their commitments to teaching, service, and adjunct teaching as a result of nomination by students, faculty, and administration. This year, there were 31 faculty nominated for one or more of the awards.

Each faculty member is passionate about their field of expertise and is intentional about integrating faith into the classroom. 

Distinguished Faculty Award for Service: Rebekka Russell

Bekka Russell is a dedicated servant leader to Malone, our students, and community. She started and maintains the Malone Food Pantry, providing food and other goods to Malone students in need. She advises the Social Work Club, which in turn gives back to the community and supports our students learning beyond the classroom. She combines her professional background and personal foster and adoptive parent experiences to advocate for at-risk and vulnerable children through Ohio Rise and other community groups. She is doing all of this, and more, while working on her Ph.D. and raising four beautiful children, three who are adopted from foster care.

Distinguished Faculty Award for Adjunct Teaching: Kylene Boka

Dr. Boka is the perfect candidate for this accolade. Her commitment to student success sets her apart; she consistently goes the extra mile to create an inclusive and supportive learning atmosphere. Dr. Boka’s innovative teaching strategies effectively translate intricate concepts into engaging and relatable lessons. Beyond the classroom, her mentorship profoundly impacts students, nurturing both their academic growth and personal development. Her contagious enthusiasm for the subject sparks a genuine passion for learning among her students. Her unwavering dedication to academic excellence and her profound influence on students’ lives make her a great nominee for this recognition.

Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship/Creative Expression: Lora Wyss

Dr. Lora Wyss serves Malone University in numerous ways and is an excellent teacher. Did you know that she is also contributing new knowledge to the world through her research and collaborations with other scientists? Dr. Wyss has co-authored numerous papers and presentations on health in Amish/Plain communities and in the area of women’s health. She and her collaborators are fearless, addressing issues that cut across political, social, psychological, and medical perspectives. Her team’s work is so vital that it is actually listed in a national government database in the United States!

Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching: Steve Lane

This is my first year of college, which came with a lot of stress and anxiety. Out of all of my classes and professors, it seems like Dr. Lane not only understood my troubles but also helped me out by giving me some suggestions on what I should do or change to help this shift. Also, throughout the year I learned many things that he taught me and it seems like he really cared about the wellbeing of our whole class while helping us learn and grow in faith.

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