Communication arts class of 2020 raises money for Rift Valley Hope

File Under: Hands On Learning

Students in Malone’s communication arts capstone course (intended for seniors in the major) raised $5000 for Rift Valley Hope, a ministry in the town of Maai Mahiu, Kenya that provides education, food, spiritual nourishment, and emotional healing for extremely vulnerable children and families.

With an increased need for food and rent money in the community due to COVID-19, the students chose to partner with Rift Valley Hope to assist the ministry in their relief efforts. 

“These students embodied ‘serving the church, community, and world’ even as they were on the verge of graduation, navigating their own challenges posed by COVID-19, and adapting to remote learning. I am really proud of the work that they did and the resulting outcome,” said Professor of Communication Arts Marcia Everett.

The class spent the second half of the spring semester soliciting donations from friends and family through social media, selling clothing or items they had made, and offering their individual communication-related skills and abilities. 

“This project really helped me to shift my focus on others during a semester of schooling that had been very stressful and self-focused,” said Kelsey Taylor ’20, one of the students in the class. “The project looked different than we had planned because of COVID-19, but it seemed to be more impactful because of the heightened need in Kenya. Our class wasn’t able to physically gather in one place but working remotely strengthened our creativity and commitment. Donors gave generously and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the ‘togetherness’ and love we experienced. People really stepped up and it was an honor to support a selfless mission like Rift Valley Hope.”

Other students included:

• Courtney Bates

• Dan Carmany

• Ellen Doyle

• Gabe Duskey

• Abby Fairless

• Leah Grimes Griffith

• Daylan Haynie

• Samantha Hudzik

• Ryan Hutchinson

• Jarrod Kasunick

• Natasha Perry

• Annaliese Raynak

• Christian Sanko       

• Emily Schmidt

• Adrianna Thompson

• Tyler Ullman