Leadership skills developed through reflection and growth


Rashawn McCraney was preparing to earn a degree in counseling, and was specifically looking for a Christian university.

“Since my faith is a huge part of my life, I wanted to learn how to use my faith in the counseling setting to make a difference in the lives of those I helped,” said McCraney.

He graduated from Malone with a master of arts in education: school counseling in December of 2012 and is now a school counselor for the Akron Public School District.

“Every day I fall back on something I learned from Malone,” said McCraney, noting that the curriculum allowed students to examine scenarios from multiple case studies. “Whether it was from the classroom, practicum, or my internship, Malone prepared me and gave me a voice as a leader.”

During his studies, McCraney experienced some personal hardships, and Malone faculty, staff and students went out of their way to reach out to him.

“I can’t speak enough about the supportive staff at Malone,” said McCraney. “I’ll never forget how kind and helpful they were throughout the program and during my time of need.”

Not only did McCraney build positive relationships with staff, but he also built lasting relationships with his classmates.

“I became good friends with many of my classmates. We continue to support each other even though we’re gone from Malone,” he said.

McCraney found that his education provided him with more than just knowledge and skills.

“In order to lead and inspire others, you have to know yourself,” said McCraney. “During my program, I became more aware of who I was and, in turn, grew as an individual and a professional.”