Malone University and Hummel Group Partner for Learn & Earn Initiative

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Malone University today announced a new partnership with Hummel Group, a recognized insurance and financial services leader distinguished by their commitment to small-town values and cutting-edge products.

Since 1957, the Berlin, Ohio native insurance group has based the foundation of their business model on building trust. Hummel prioritizes best practices that will fit their customers’ unique needs and Malone, too, is dedicated to preparing servant leaders who demonstrate good stewardship on behalf of their employers and the clients they serve. This partnership will organically prepare young professionals for careers of integrity in financial services and insurance before they graduate from Malone.

"Our partnership with Malone University offers students unique opportunities to develop essential skills and gain real-world experience in a setting with shared values," said Misty Fraelich-Clark, Hummel's human resources manager. "By working closely with our team, students can immerse themselves in various aspects of the insurance and financial services industry, from client relations to risk management. This collaboration not only enhances their education but also prepares them for promising careers in the field."

The Learn & Earn partnership with Hummel will serve not only as a basis for developing career readiness, but will cultivate a meaningful work experience at an organization where Christ-centered beliefs support their business practices. Hummel was founded in order to “glorify God by being good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.” By partnering with businesses like Hummel through Learn & Earn, Malone students are given opportunities to experience workplaces that reinforce the principles taught in their Malone classes. 

"Hummel Group's dedication to integrity, client service, family, and faith aligns with the values experienced every day at Malone. Students will not only nurture their business skills in a trustworthy environment, but they will also work alongside Malone alumni and friends already thriving at Hummel," said Blaise Brankatelli, director of external partnerships at Malone. "This partnership allows our students to experience firsthand the high standards and innovative practices that make Hummel a leader in the insurance and financial services sector for our region."

While the skills gained as part of the Hummel Group Learn & Earn experience most directly apply to students in majors like Business Administration and Finance, internship opportunities will be open to students from all Malone programs. Interested students can learn more by completing a brief interest form online.