Malone University appoints Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions and External Partnerships to enhance workforce development efforts

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Malone University has appointed Blaise Brankatelli to the role of Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions and External Partnerships. Brankatelli first came to Malone in October 2022 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the role about recruitment strategies for adult learners and how they intersect with the changing needs of today’s workforce.

“Blaise is a dynamic and innovative member of our enrollment division and has been immensely helpful to me during my transition to Malone over the last year,” said Eric Young, Ph.D., vice president for enrollment and marketing. “He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and foster relationships that are lasting, and I know he will continue to serve Malone and the greater community well as he seeks out new partnerships to benefit our current and future students. There are so many opportunities for Malone to meet the needs of our regional workforce and Blaise is the right leader to help us identify those and make it happen.”

Holding more than 10 years of combined experience in Christian higher education, Brankatelli has not only demonstrated success in enrollment, as recently as last fall with a 19% increase in Malone’s graduate student body for Term A compared with Fall 2022 --the largest incoming class of graduate students since the start of the pandemic—but he has also developed, planned, and executed partnerships across a variety of sectors. These industries include local churches and small businesses, parachurch organizations, hospitals, school districts, camps, correction facilities, and international organizations.

"As part of our missional commitment to serving the Church, community, and world, we believe in the transformative power of participating in meaningful and impactful work,” said Brankatelli. “As we venture forward during this exciting season, I believe Malone can expand its partnerships to be at the forefront of Ohio's workforce development. Our community's commitment to nurturing real-world skills, fostering personal growth, and instilling purpose remains unwavering as we equip our students for fulfilling careers."

Malone University’s workforce development opportunities include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Competency-based education (CBE) course options for MBA candidates: designed to enable candidates to demonstrate knowledge in specific subject areas at a pace set by the student.
  2. Learn & Earn: Through partnerships with regional businesses, like the Hall of Fame Village, students gain hands-on work experience while earning their undergraduate degree without accruing substantial tuition debt.
  3. TechCred: Made possible by the State of Ohio’s TechCred initiative, this program offers funding so that regional employees can upskill with Malone coursework at no cost to the company. 

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