Malone University receives $300,000 from the Ohio Department of Higher Education to launch Computer Science Endorsement for educators

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One of 17 institutions statewide to receive funding to support teachers pursuing licensure in computer science education—and the only Bible-based institution in Ohio to do so—Malone will launch a graduate-level endorsement for qualified candidates.

Teach CS Grants, an initiative led by Lt. Governor Jon Husted, will, in part, deliver a new licensure preparation program within the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN)’s computer science portfolio so that teachers can gain supplemental licensure to teach computer science courses.

"The demand for tech skills is increasing daily and more students are seeking computer science classes to prepare them for the future. However, we can’t offer more computer science classes without preparing a larger pool of qualified teachers who can help them earn these in-demand skills,” said Lt. Governor Husted. “To help meet the demand for more computer science teachers, we are removing barriers by covering the costs of coursework, materials, and exams for teachers who want to teach computer science in Ohio’s K-12 classrooms so they can better educate Ohio's future workforce."

Malone’s computer science endorsement can be added to any existing teaching license and allows teachers to utilize their current classroom students for practicum objectives. Courses are eight weeks long and the program can be completed online in less than a year.

"In the evolving intersection of technology and education, Ohio urgently needs computer science teachers,” said Jennifer Webb, Ph.D., chair of the department of education. “Our computer science faculty go beyond being mere content experts; they're dedicated mentors who guide students to master code, form deep connections, and apply content to their K-12 classrooms. This relational approach sets Malone apart, producing educators who not only teach computer science but inspire students to impact the world."

Beneficial for established educators and newly licensed teachers alike, Malone’s computer science endorsement will also help them prepare to meet Ohio’s K-12 updated standards for teacher training and provide an additional resource for districts as they meet evolving licensure requirements. 

"There has never been a better time to pursue a computer science endorsement than now,” said Blaise Brankatelli, director of graduate & professional admissions and external partnerships. “Not only does this endorsement provide a skill set in high demand, but with this support from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Malone will be able to offer this endorsement as a 100% funded program for our first cohort this summer."

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