Practical service for the kingdom


For the past year Jonathan Edwards ’08 has worked as a missionary in Togo, serving as the IT manager at two hospitals (Hôpital Baptiste Biblique and Hôpital de l’Espérance) and assisting the technological development of local Christian schools.

I’ve always wanted to go into missions,” Edwards said, “but computer science doesn’t always connect.”

Thankfully, he found the right niche. Not only did he install new technology in hospitals, he is striving to equip the workers that are there.

“We’ve been training nationals to continue the day-to-day, and I also focus on training the staff to be able to use computers because unlike here, they don’t have basic computer literacy,” Edwards said.

He found the differences in cultural dynamics were particularly striking.

“The culture is more friendly, or warm as we call it, more relational,” he said. “Conversations are slower that way, but it’s welcome, relationships are built.”

Geographical differences present additional difficulties.

“It’s dusty and dry there. The environment works against you, every day is a struggle,” Edwards said.

Nevertheless, Edwards feels that he received indispensable preparation.

“I couldn’t do what I did without the training I received through Malone,” Edwards said. “The professors pushed us to go and use our skills for the glory of Christ.”

And that’s just what he did. Edwards is back to raise support both spiritually and financially before he returns.

“Once I’m done raising support,” he said, “I’ll be there for five years, I’m hoping ten or even 20.”