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During the 2022-2023 academic year, a combination of 900+ Malone students joined together to accumulate a total of 3,408 service hours throughout local and distant communities.

Actively serving the Church, community, and world, Malone prioritizes service opportunities for students and employees that invite participants to uplift and support local communities. From local non-profit organizations to personal homes, and regional parks to Malone’s campus, students and employees are continuously being called to serve their neighbors through Him. 

“Throughout the year, we plan bi-weekly service projects for our students to participate in, and our students are just awesome,” said Anthony Schnyders ʼ23, dean of community life and student engagement. “They show up early in the morning with a positive attitude and a willing heart. Our students understand the importance of giving back to their community, and I love serving alongside them!”

According to the 2022-2023 Community Impact Report:

  • In Canton alone, 507 students were reported to have completed 50 service engagements, which is more than half of the reported service engagements for the year. This was a total of 1,576 service hours in the Canton community. 
  • Just over a third of the total hours were worked by Malone athletes, who completed 1,252 service hours between 350 students. 

"It’s exciting and encouraging to see not just the students in our Malone Serves Scholarship program attend Serves Saturdays, but other students join us too: both residents and commuters,” said Michelle Alessandro ՚10, resident director and co-director of Malone Serves. “We are thankful that our students want to serve God and shine His light out in our community."

Malone faculty and staff represent impactful community service, as well:

  • Employees have reported serving at more than 36 unique locations
  • They have also served in other leadership roles at more than 50 organizations as CEO, presidents, chair members, board members, secretaries, treasurers, and volunteers. 

The Malone community is full of service in action. From a student's first week on campus through the Into the Streets initiative, to Serve Saturdays, to intentional hands-on learning and service through the Pendle Hill Pledge, service with Christ at the forefront makes Malone distinctive.

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