Student leader enrolls in respected Master of Divinity program at Wake Forest University

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Max Digman ’22 believes that God’s call on one’s life becomes most clear through faithful participation in everyday life.

Recently committed to Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity, Digman is excited to pursue Master of Divinity (MDiv) studies so that he can continue to demonstrate Christ’s Kingdom First wherever life takes him.

“I chose to pursue a MDiv because I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to seek growth in the areas of ministry and biblical knowledge,” he said. “I am excited to participate in the Interfaith Literacy and Leadership concentration at Wake Forest because I recognize the importance of respectful dialogue when I’m interacting with those from other faith traditions.”

Excited to learn more about the Bible and ministry through service, Digman is moved by their School of Divinity's mission statement (“…Through imaginative courses and diverse programs of community engagement, students are equipped to be agents of justice, reconciliation, and compassion in Christian churches and other ministries.") and excited to see how he will experience those pillars lived out in his graduate experience.

Digman is drawn to music ministry and prison ministry, and he hopes to utilize what he has learned at Malone as a music major and a criminal and restorative justice minor to show others that they can serve a purpose in God’s kingdom and to help them live it out.

“Music speaks to the human heart in unique and meaningful ways,” said Digman. “And the prison system is a dark place, but I hope to spark feelings of individuality and hope amongst those who are there. I want inmates to know that there is hope for the future and that there is a God who loves them so much that He forgets the deed that landed them in prison in the first place.”

An active student leader on campus, Digman will graduate in May as the Chorale president, Community Worship and Fireside worship leader, and an assistant resident director (ARD) in Fox Hall.

“Each of my leadership responsibilities has helped me grow into the man I want to be,” said Digman. “I have thrived at Malone because faculty and staff members have poured into me and helped increase my confidence, decisiveness, empathy, stage presence, and openness in deep conversation.

As Digman prepares to transition from Malone to graduate school, he is grateful for the foundation he has been given to help him prepare for full-time ministry.

“My Malone coursework has pushed me to figure out who I am, what my vocation would be, and how to be best prepared for the future,” he said. “I want my life’s work to include conversations that contribute to the spiritual growth of others so that, through Christ, I can speak life and truth into the people who need it most.”