TO MAKE HIM KNOWN. Student blog addresses difficult questions related to faith and life


To Make Him Known was created to invite members of the student body to explore how unity can still be achieved in spite of a diversity of opinions.

“We wanted to create a space where students could explore tough questions about their faith in a safe and authentic way,” said Juliana Cole ’18, who is a creative writing major and the public relations intern in the Office of Spiritual Formation.

New blog entries will be posted a few times each month, and will encourage students to think critically about how their life experiences shape questions of faith and their walk with Jesus.

Within the blog is The Unity Project, which will be collaborative and integrate visual art as alternatives to prose.

“We are hoping to expand the blog content by inviting other students to participate in The Unity Project,” Cole said. “Art-videos, poetry, essays, and photography can be creative ways to explore our Creator, and we want to encourage students to explore their faith more deeply through artistic means.”

The two initiatives will work together, with the same mission to support students who are attempting to learn together and recognize the beauty in difference.

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