Refer a student to Malone University

As a graduate of Malone, you know best how the institution prepares students for life and work following graduation. You also know the type of student that would flourish in our community.

If you know a high school or transfer student that you think would be a great fit at Malone, we encourage you to take a few minutes and give us as much information as possible about that student in this brief form to make it easy for you.

We will take every referral seriously and follow up to contact the student. Additionally, we will ensure that the student knows that you demonstrated your high regard for them by referring them to Malone.

If it is easier to refer the student by phone or email, you can do so by writing to or by calling our Office of Admission at 1-800-521-1146.

Thank you so much for taking this step to assist us in recruiting future classes of Pioneers.

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