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Admissions - welcome!

Visit Malone University

The best way to picture yourself as a student at Malone is to come for a visit!

Sign up today!

Join Us for a Discover Day 

Wednesday, September 24
Monday, October 13
Friday, November 14
Wednesday, January 14
Monday, February 16
Friday, April 17

Join Us for a Saturday Sneak Peek

Saturday, November 1
Saturday, March 14


Let Us Personalize Your Visit

Personalized Visits can be scheduled for any weekday year ’round. Your options include:

  • tour the campus
  • meet one-on-one with an admissions counselor
  • attend a Community Worship Service (or another Bible study)
  • sit in on a class
  • grab lunch with a Malone student
  • meet with a professor

You can spend two hours or an entire day at Malone if you choose.

Register for your personalized visit here.

Overnight Visit

For a comprehensive campus visit, stay overnight in one of our residence halls and attend classes the next day. Get to know your student host, meet other MU students and experience a typical college student's schedule. Staying overnight is a great way to decide if a school is for you.

Already know a Malone student? We can make arrangements for you to visit with them or with a student from your desired major.

Register for your personalized, overnight visit here.