Jeffrey M. Goff

Jeff GoffBiography

Jeff and Julie Goff met at Malone in 1988. They married in 1993 and live in Canton. They have six children. Jeff enjoys hiking, bird-watching, hunting, motorcycle riding, and assembling puzzles. During the summer months, Jeff collects yellow jackets and hornets for two pharmaceutical labs that utilize the venom in desensitization therapies for individuals with severe sting allergies. 


  • B.A. Malone University
  • Ph.D. The University of Akron


  • 2008       Laboratory Safety Institute Short Course:  “How to be a More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer” (Natick, Mass.)
  • 2007       Sabbatical at the Canton Stark County Crime Lab (Canton).
  • 2004       Chautauqua Short Course:  “DNA and Criminal Investigations in the Classroom” (Austin, Texas).
  • 2004       Panel discussion on Forensic Science at Kent State University Stark campus (Canton).
  • 2002       Chautauqua Short Course:  “Communicating Chemistry: Reaching Students and the Public-at-Large” (Madison, Wis.).
  • 2000       Attended Wavefunction workshop to promote the use of SpartanPro (a chemistry software package) at the undergraduate level (Youngstown).
  • 1999       Chautauqua Short Course:  “Synthetic Organic Chemistry – Modern Methods and Strategy” (Memphis, Tenn.).

Recent Scholarly Work


Goff, Jeffrey M., “Enolic Behavior of Carboxylic Anhydrides with Iodine (III) Sulfonate Reagents; A One-pot Synthesis of a–Sulfonyloxycarboxylate Esters.” Unpublished.  University of Akron, 1997.


Goff, Jeffrey M.; Justik, Michael W.; Koser, Gerald F. Functionalization of carboxylic anhydrides at a-carbon with hypervalent iodine reagents: one-pot conversion of anhydrides to 2-sulfonyloxycarboxylate esters. Tetrahedron Lett. 2001, 42, 5597-5599.


  • Authored the official Malone University Natural Sciences Chemical Hygiene Plan (August, 2010 – 71 pages)
  • Authored 3 documents that were used in-house by the Canton-Stark County Crime Lab during the 2007 sabbatical.
    • Optimization of DNA Extraction From Preserved Femur
    • Calling Profiles of Low-Level DNA Mixtures
    • Comparing In-House Procedures for the Extraction/Amplification of DNA from Stamps, Telephone Receivers, and Cosmetic Applicators
  • Authored the Self-Study Report for the Chemistry Program in anticipation of its 2006 external review (January, 2006 – 51 pages)
  • Signpost Series Chapel address entitled “How Big is Your God” (September 2002) — approx. 2000 in attendance. (This address has been broadcast multiple times over a local radio station)
  • Presented a technical summary of the research conducted on the Fox project for GenCorp Inc. to a group of about 35 GenCorp employees.  The audience included at least 10 other research chemists and the CEO (1999). 

Teaching Assignments

  • General Chemistry I 
  • General Chemistry II 
  • Organic Chemistry I 
  • Organic Chemistry II 
  • Basic  Physiological Chemistry 
  • Inorganic Chemistry 
  • Ornithology
  • Stewardship and Safety in Chemical Practice
  • Environmental Chemistry 
  • Forensic Chemistry