Lauren S. Seifert

Lauren S. Seifert


With expertise in Cognitive-Experimental Psychology, Aging, Psychobiology, Psycholinguistics, and Empirical Aesthetics, Professor Seifert has over 50 publications and has served in governance in national and international organizations. Some of her favorite moments are spent with students in conversations about their interests and goals as she works with them to discern calling and vocation.

Dr. Seifert and her husband have a prayer ministry. Each day begins with prayers for praises and challenges about which they know. In addition, Dr. Seifert directs the DIARA Research Group at Malone University. Their primary goal is to explore issues related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in ways that foster conversations and mutual understanding. In addition, Dr. Seifert leads the Health Co-Inquiry team, which received grant funding to study stakeholder communication and support related to chronic health and mental health conditions.

“My life away from Malone University is very much like my life at Malone. The Lord has blessed me with a love of the work He has given me to do. I read. I write. I review manuscripts. I do research. Family and friends fuse with work to create the mosaic of my life.”


  • Ph.D.: Cognitive Experimental Psychology 
    • Doctoral minor: Psychobiology
    • The Ohio State University
  • M.A.: Cognitive Experimental Psychology 
    • The Ohio State University
  • Honors B.A.: Psychology 
    • University of Akron, Akron, OH


  • Chair & Coordinator, Research Participants Protection Program - Institutional Review Board 
  • Full Professor, Psychology, Malone University
  • Associate Professor, Psychology, Malone College
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology, Malone College
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology, University of Akron
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology, Malone College
  • Faculty Lecturer, Psychology, Capital University 
  • Faculty Lecturer, Psychology, The Ohio State University
  • Instructor, Introductory Psychology, The Ohio State University

Recent Scholarly Work

  • Baucke, C.L., & Seifert, L.S. (2022, June). Reflective practice and faith integration: An example from psychology that can be applied across disciplines. Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. 74(2), 67-76.
  • Baucke, C., Seifert, L.S., Kaelber, K. (2021, Nov. 29). Health Co-Inquiry in migraine: Online participation and stakeholder experiences. PLOSONE, 16(11): e0260376.
  • Seifert, L.S, Kaelber, K., K. Flaherty, K., & Bowman, T. (2020). Experiences in Alzheimer’s disease: What do stakeholders post on the Internet? Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, 14(3).
  • Seifert, L.S., Flaherty, K., Kaelber, K., & Kromer-Edwards, C. (2019) Using Online Resources in Health Co-Inquiry: A Bifurcated Method for Analyzing Stakeholder Narratives. Current Psychology. 38(27).
  • Seifert, L.S., Flaherty, K., Kaelber, K., & Kromer-Edwards, C. (2019) Using Online Resources in Health Co-Inquiry: A Bifurcated Method for Analyzing Stakeholder Narratives. Current Psychology. 38(27).
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