Information Technologies & Media Services

IT/Media Services serves to assist the Malone community with technology solutions, assistance in the classroom, equipment reservations, and media conversions.

The Help Desk is where students, faculty and staff can go to get technical assistance from our IT professionals. If you need to contact the Help Desk, please call 330.471.8428. You can also contact the Help Desk by email at or by submitting a Help Desk ticket with the Online Help Desk link to the right. The Help Desk is located in the Northeast corner of Haviland Hall near the Strand Building.

Student Policies 



Students may seek help from Information Technologies (IT) to connect to Malone's wireless network and to fix spyware and virus issues. The IT Department does not service operating system or hardware-related problems. If a machine is brought in with an issue that we do not service, it will be returned to the student as it was brought to us. We will make a best effort attempt at identifying the problem for the student even if it is an issue that we are unable to repair.


For any issues we do not repair, we refer students to a local business called One Solution. They offer a discount on services and supplies to Malone students that present their ID card. More information on One Solution can be found in FAQ 91.


Carry-in appointments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited to three per business day. Appointments can be made with the Help Desk at 330.471.8428 ahead of time.


The Information Technologies Department is not responsible for loss of data, applications, or otherwise resulting from our servicing the machine. Students are encouraged to backup their files to disk or H: drive before the machine is brought to us. Any hardware or software costs resulting from the repair or infection of the machine are the responsibility of the owner of the computer, i.e. the student.


Networked printing is tracked by monetary amount. A credit of $30 will be added to an active student's printing account at the beginning of each school year (fall semester through summer III). At around $.05 per black and white print (exact prices are on each multi-function copier/printer), this is the equivalent of 600 pages per school year. Any balance remaining will rollover to the next school year.

Note: Your printing account will only be charged when using Malone printers. This includes copiers and printers not located in the computer's labs, residence hall labs, and the library.

Your remaining print balance can be checked by logging into MaloneXpress. Students will be warned when their print balance falls below $5 (or 100 pages of black and white printing) via an e-mail message sent to their Malone student e-mail account.

Money in a printing account can be used for printing only and is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Students are responsible for keeping adequate funds available for their printing needs. Students can add money to their printing accounts in $1 or $5 increments by logging into Malone Express and clicking 'Add' once you have selected the desired amount in the Print Balance box under the Student tab.

Information Technologies

Network login for students

Students logging in for the first time may use the credentials: 

Username = first initial, middle initial, last name, and the number 1 (if you are not the first individual with this sequence, your last name will be followed by a 2, 3, etc.) 

Sample name: John Q. PublicUsername: jqpublic1

Password: Default Password = first initial, middle initial, last initial, followed by the last four digits of your social security number (or four zeros.)

Network login for faculty/staff

Employees logging into the network will use the credentials: 

Username = first initial, last name, (if you are not the first individual with this sequence, your last name will be followed by a 2, 3, etc. or additional initials) 

Sample Name: John Q. PublicUser Name: jpublic


Please contact the Help Desk at 330-471-8428 to obtain a default password.


Managing your Account

Students, Faculty and Staff are able to manage their username and password on our Account Management page. This page will enable you to:

Change your password Change security questions & answers Unlock your account

Computer Labs

Computer labs are available in Regula Hall 100 and 300; Johnson Center 104 and 218; Cattell Library 24, 46, and on the main floor. Computer labs are opened anytime the buildings are open; all are closed Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. for Community Worship. 

Computer Requirements

Resident students with a computer that meets the minimum requirements listed within FAQ113 can be connected to the Malone network. Also, here's a Guide to Using the Malone Network 

Computer Deals

Looking for new discounted computers? Both desktops and laptops are available from Lenovo and Apple. Specifically for Malone students: 

Lenovo  Apple CDW-G

Weekly Maintenance Window

The maintenance window during which technology and network services may not be available is both Saturday and Sunday mornings from 12:30-7 a.m. 

Classroom Media Services

Cattell Library

CL24 has a mounted projector that is hooked up to a computer in the front of the room.

CL46 (the Mac Lab) has a mounted projector, Document Viewing machine (ELMO, TV with DVD/VHS, Overhead and a Smart Board

CL49 has a mounted projector, computer, DVD/VHS unit as well as sound equipment for Fine Arts courses for various Fine Arts classes.

Centennial Center

Each classroom in Centennial Center has a television, DVD/VCR, and overhead projector.

CC103, 104, 105, 107 have ceiling mounted projectors along with a computer and DVD/VCR combo unit.

The Deuble Room has a mounted ceiling projector, television, VCR, overhead projector, computer and video/data projector. Its screen is hidden along side the east wall and is deployed by a switch on the same wall.

The Brehme Conference Center has a touch screen that controls the media options for the room. There is a mounted projector, computer, DVD, VCR combo unit and cable TV access. If you need training on this room or any other room, please contact Media Services at 330-471-8309.

DeVol Hall

Each classroom in DeVol Hall has a television, DVD/ VCR, overhead projector, and a mounted projector and a computer.

Founders Hall

FH65 and FH 24 have ceiling mounted projectors along with DVD/VCR combo units, televisions, and overhead projectors.

Mitchell Hall

Each classroom in Mitchell Hall has a television, DVD/VCR, overhead projector, ceiling mounted projector, and computer. Remote controls for these devices can be found on the side of the televisions in each room.

Silk Auditorium has a robust sound system along with controllable lights. There is network connectivity and power for each audience member in the first three rows.

MH203 and MH301 have an integrated sound system.

MH209 and MH309 have network and power capabilities for each desk.

The conference room located in MH201 has a mounted projector, computer, overhead, and a VHS/DVD player. There is a Smartbox on the wall that houses the VHS/DVD player and the controls for the mounted projector. The Smartbox also has a hookup for a laptop.

Timken Science Hall

Most classrooms have mounted projectors and computer with multimedia controls on the wall.

Regula Hall

Each classroom has a mounted projector and computer and touch screen controls.

Johnson Center

Each classrooms has a mounted projector and a computer in the room. There are teaching stations with touch screen controls.

Osborne Hall

Each classroom in Osborne Hall has a television, VCR, and overhead projector.

OH21 has a projector with a computer, VCR, and DVD player attached. This unit is portable and can be shared with the other adjoining classrooms. Please return the cart to its home at the end of class.

Randall Campus Center (The Barn)

The Stewart Room has a mounted data projector with a computer and DVD/VCR Combo unit.

Strand Building

Each classroom in Strand building has a television, VCR/DVD player, and overhead projector. A projector on a cart with a laptop can be shared and scheduled between the classrooms.