Undergraduate Endorsements

Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement

The Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement allows any teacher candidate pursuing Grades 4-9 Middle Childhood Licensure to be able to teach all subjects grades 4-6 through completion of the endorsement and appropriate licensure tests. To receive the endorsement, the teacher candidate is required to complete 2 additional courses each in the opposite content/pedagogy areas of the chosen degree. For example, if the candidate is pursuing Middle Childhood Education with science and mathematics as the concentrations in the major, the endorsement may be added by completing 2 courses in language arts and 2 courses in social studies.

Graduate Endorsements

Gifted Endorsement

The Gifted Endorsement may be added to any existing Ohio teaching license after completing the required coursework. This endorsement is designed to help teachers develop expertise in identifying students who are gifted, differentiating the curriculum to meet their needs, and providing support for other teachers in meeting the needs of students who are gifted.