Graduate Certificate in Trauma Counseling

There is a critical need for counseling practitioners who desire to serve clients struggling with substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and trauma-- and we are prepared to help you meet that need. Malone’s graduate-level certificate in Trauma Counseling is designed to provide foundational and advanced education and training from the perspective of a Christian curriculum.

The certificate is available fully online and can be completed in two semesters for:
Those who have completed bachelor’s degrees

  • Current graduate counseling students
  • Students in mental health or behavioral science graduate programs
  • Post-graduates with a master’s degree or higher in a mental health or behavioral science field 

Unlike our full counseling degree, which requires references, an autobiography, and an interview in addition to our application, the only requirement to apply for this certificate is a transcript indicating that you hold a bachelor's degree. 

You will become prepared for meaningful work during a critical time for mental health professionals and facilities, and you will gain practical skills and evidence-based practices that are sought by employers. Not only will you increase your job marketability with key skills in trauma-informed care practices, but you will be better equipped to care for and serve your clients.