Benefits of the CCP Program

Reduce your costs for college

Malone University's participation in College Credit Plus means that, if you are enrolled at a public high school, there is no cost to the student or parent. There is also funding provided by the State of Ohio for homeschooled students and private (nonpublic) high school students. Students must meet eligibility requirements and apply for State of Ohio CCP funding annually.

Credits are automatically applied to your Malone bachelor's degree

The college credits you earn at Malone before you graduate from high school are credited toward your Malone bachelor's degree, helping you finish college more quickly! Or, stay the usual 4 years and include additional areas of study to your degree.

Participating high school seniors will receive additional information if they intend to pursue their baccalaureate degree at Malone University. Courses may also be transferred to other institutions and, since Malone is fully accredited by 7 different accrediting organizations, you can rest assured your courses will be accepted.

Exciting and relevant courses 

CCP students are welcome to take any general education course, if the course is open and they meet any prerequisite requirements. Our courses are offered both online and on our campus in Canton. All of the courses are taught by Malone University faculty members.

Courses not covered by the State's tuition but are available for self-pay include: music lessons, internships, and algebra (which is a high school level course).

general education courses include:

American Government Microeconomics
American History Music
Art History Nutrition
Bible Personal Finance
Business Philosophy
Communication Public Speaking
Creative Writing Sociology
English Composition 1 Statistics
English Composition 2 Theology
Environmental Science World History 1
General Psychology World History 2
Macroeconomics World Cinema