Professional Attire

Men & Women

  • Well-groomed hairstyle
  • Clean, trimmed fingernails
  • Best to refrain from using cologne or perfume
  • Empty pockets, no bulges or tinkling coins
  • No visible body piercing (nose, eyebrow, lip, etc.), and no visible tattoos
  • No gum, candy, or cigarettes
  • Avoid smoking in your car before the interview


  • Suit – solid color (navy, black  or charcoal gray is preferred) single breasted (two-four buttons), no vest
  • Slacks – flat or pleated front, cuffed or uncuffed are both acceptable
  • Shirt – white, light blue or light gray cotton, long sleeve and pressed carefully (button down collar should be worn only with a sport coat, not a suit)
  • Tie – width should match the lapels on your suit coat and the color should complement the suit. Avoid large dots, pictures of animals or sport symbols. Length of tie should extend to your trouser belt
  • Belt should match the color of your shoes. Blue or gray suits should be accessorized with black belt and shoes
  • Socks – same color as the suit and long enough so your skin does not show when crossing legs
  • Shoes – black or brown leather, lace-up is preferred or dress style slip-on (polished)
  • Jewelry – wedding band and/or class ring and wrist watch only


  • Suit – 2-piece (skirt/jacket), suit dress with matching jacket or slacks with matching jacket is preferred, traditional lengths for skirt or dress (no more than two inches above the knee), solid colors (black, charcoal, navy, medium or steel gray)
  • Blouse – Long sleeve, solid complementary color, soft collar, round neck or button down with a modest opening at the top, no front bows
  • Scarves – only wear one if it enhances the outfit, and small print or solid color
  • Shoes – leather (same color as the suit or darker, no two-tone colors), no open toe, conservative heel, two inch maximum (polished)
  • Hosiery – neutral skin tones only (suntan, taupe) and take an extra pair in case of runs (never wear black hosiery)
  • Accessories – purse or brief case (never both), belts should match or complement the shoes
  • Jewelry – wedding, engagement or college ring only, necklace and earrings should be subdued and professional looking, single bracelet and wrist watch, no ankle bracelets or dangling earrings and no big or fake looking styles
  • Make-up – the more natural the better, subtle eye make-up, use subdued colors sparingly