Life Groups are designed for students to:

  • Receive personal discipleship from individuals with spiritual maturity
  • Experience differing degrees of Christian community
  • Develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by studying Scripture, asking questions, and engaging in discussions.

Each Life Group topic and description has been decided upon by the leader.

Life Groups aim to help students know, love, and serve Jesus Christ by providing personal settings focused on Biblical Study, Spiritual Disciplines and Faith Integration.

The Three Streams of Life Groups


Biblical Study Life Groups embrace and dig into the biblical story through making observations, interpretations, and developing applications of the Scriptures. Studying Scriptures help us gain insights into God, our relationship with others, and creation.


Spiritual Discipline Life Groups focus on the use and practice of spiritual disciplines as a means for helping students be attentive to the Holy Spirit's work. Content is focused on the historical and biblical teaching of various spiritual disciplines and their function and purpose in ongoing spiritual formation.


Faith Integration LifeGroups expose students to foundational principles of Christian faith that inform a theology of life, work, and play. Students will learn healthy, holy rhythms that reflect the Holy Spirit's work in our life and community.

Open and Closed Life Groups

Some Life Groups are closed to specific groups of students across campus where other "open" Life Groups are open to all students.

Please refer questions about attendance to the leader or to the Spiritual Formation Office

Life Group Season officially ended on April 9 for the Spring Semester. See you in the Fall!

SPRING '19: Open Life Groups

Jesus Is

Devin Galbraith

Bible Study

"Jesus Is" is all about learning who Jesus is through the Gospels, and discovering the kind of life He's called us to live."

Emma's Lounge | Weekly | Tuesdays | 9 p.m. | January 29 - April 9

Living Gospel: Building Basic Habits for the Catholic Life

Maggie Hamrock / Shawn Floyd

Faith Integration

"This Faith Integration / Bible Study is a resource provided by the fellowship of Catholic university students (FOCUS).  First, this study will help believers, new and old, live out the Faith through seven essential habits of the Church. Second, it will help college students learn to practice the art of reading Scripture, especially the Gospels."

Round Room | Weekly | Tuesdays | 8 p.m. | January 29 - April 9

Crushing It: #Adulting

Nicole Ostrowski / Tony Schnyders

Faith Integration

"This LifeGroup will feature different "Life Skills," integrated with the Christian faith, such as finance, cooking, relationships, home improvement, business etiquette, etc. We want to bring back Malone alumni or use Malone faculty/staff to incorporate their testimony and biblical support on how they use this skill to glorify God, live out commandments, etc.

Deuble Room | Bi-Weekly | Thursdays | 8:30 p.m. | January 24 - April 4

Noon Prayers

Lauren Seifert 

Spiritual Disciplines

"The fundamental goal of Noon Prayers is to join our thoughts and voices in prayer. A secondary goal is to use our time together and our personal reflections when we are apart (e.g., in our prayer journals) to cultivate our prayer lives, thereby fostering communication with the Lord God of all things."

SB #2 | Weekly | Mondays | 12 noon | January 28 - April 8 

Soul Chat: Exploring Life in Authenticity

Julia Newton

Faith Integration

"We will be meeting once a week to discuss different topics and situations in life in a way that attempts to strip back the stereotypical "Sunday school" answers in order to dig into the roots of what we believe."

Heritage 2 Lounge | Weekly | Tuesdays | 8 p.m. | January 29 - April 9


Slow Down and Be Quiet

Linda Leon 

Spiritual Disciplines

"Does your life feel like a whirlwind? Spiritual disciplines are practices that grow our understanding of God. This Life Group will learn about and try various spiritual disciplines that incorporate rest and quiet into our lives."

CL-49 | Weekly | Thursdays | 10:30 a.m. | January 24 - April 4

Body and Soul

Tanya Hershberger / Alexandria Spencer

Spiritual Disciplines

"We will be exploring the connection between physical health and spiritual formation as we look at balance, nutrition, exercise, rest and stress."

OH 21 | Weekly | Mondays | 10:05 a.m. | January 28 - April 8

The God I Never Knew

Shawn Yost 

Bible Study

"We will study what the Bible says about the role of the Holy Spirit. We will also discuss Robert Morris' book, The God I Never Knew, and learn how real friendship with the Holy Spirit can change our lives."

MH 209 | Weekly | Thursdays | 10:30 a.m. | January 24 - February 14 (first half of semester)


Jamie Roten

Bible Study

"Awaken exists to help bring students into a vibrant and growing relationship with God.  We desire to teach students that their faith is an important and vital part of their life journey.  It should shape who they are, how they think and respond to adversity, and that Jesus should be the center of all they do."

Emma's or Stewart Room | Weekly | Sundays | 7 p.m.| January 27 - April 7

The Edge

Kyle Calderhead 

Bible Study

"We've been active on campus for several years, with a team of leaders/helpers from a local church (Frontline Worship Center). We aim to be a small group where students can get to know us and each other, and grow in their understanding of the Bible and the life of the Spirit."

RH 300 | Weekly | Wednesdays | 8 p.m. | January 23 - April 3

In Depth Bible Study - BSF

Laurie Ferrel / Matt May / Kiersten Heckert

Bible Study

"The mission of Bible Study Fellowship is global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him."

Emma's Lounge | Weekly | Wednesdays | 7 p.m. | January 23 - April 3

Coffee and Context

Chris Dewar / Jake Shar

Bible Study

"Focused on commuters and open to all, Context & Coffee builds spiritual community by breaking down misconceptions of biblical text and relating it to daily life."

Emma's Lounge | Weekly | Mondays | 10 a.m. | January 28 - April 8

The Gospel of John

Ray Jeske 

Bible Study

"This group will focus on learning about Jesus through the Gospel of John. We will enjoy a positive, encouraging and supportive atmosphere that will require and inspire students interacting and growing as they engage with God and each other through a variety of learning experiences."

Stewart Room | Weekly | Wednesdays | 8 p.m. | January 30 - April 3

SPRING '19: Closed Life Groups

CA Small Groups 2.0

Marcia Everett 

Faith Integration

"The Course Assistants are each part of one of four small groups that meet weekly each month except on weeks when we meet together as a large group. These meetings are for discipleship, sharing, support and prayer."

Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 24, March 10, March 24

Men's Basketball Team Time

Casey Kaufman 

Faith Integration

"Men's Basketball players and staff will investigate the Bible and see how it calls to put others first and still pursue excellence. The first semester will be covered by Coach Kaufman and the second semester will be influenced by guest speakers."

Men's Basketball Only

Community Worship

JD Laird / Paige Svendsen 

Faith Integration

 "We are a group of students excited and passionate about worship, who God has made us to be as worshippers, and how to be the best worshippers/worship leaders we can be. Jesus has died so that we may live, and worship is our natural response to that deep, sacrificial love... We want to cultivate that idea and learn how to best worship our Savior."


The Round Room (The Barn) | Thursdays | 10:30 a.m. | Jan 24, Feb 7, Feb 21, Feb 28, March 14, March 28


Full of G.R.I.T.

Lauren Lindesmith 

Faith Integration

"GRACE, RESPECT, IDENTITY, TRUTH. In our life group, we are going to explore the four disciplines listed above and how we can display those both within our team on the field and use them in our community to be the hands and feet of Christ. Members of the Malone Women's Soccer Team only."

Blossom Lobby  | Weekly | Mondays | 10:15am | January 28 - April 8


More - Malone Soccer

Eric Reed

Faith Integration

"We will dig deeper into God's Word to explore "More"- How Christ has so much more in store for us through our sport and in life than what we see on the scoreboard. We will use the application of soccer to explore who we truly are in Christ and how we can live that out."

Osborne | Bi-Weekly | Wednesdays | Jan 30, Feb 13, Feb 27, Mar 13, Mar 27, April 9

Ball Is LifeGroup

Noah Fisher / Corey Hunka

Faith Integration

"A group of men who share a common love for the sport basketball, we aim to integrate principles in basketball and apply them into our faith through group conversation, and guest speakers; allowing us to become a tighter knit community displaying accountability in each others lives."

Osborne Hall | Bi-Weekly | Sunday @ 3pm | January 27 - March 31


Women's Cross Country Bible Study

Hannah Thompson / Tina Oprean 

Bible Study

"We will be meeting as a team for a time of study and fellowship. We will be working through the book, Am I Enough? and learning how to embrace who we are. We will also be sharing testimonies."

Blossom 2 Lobby | Bi-Weekly | Mondays @ 8 p.m. | Jan 28, Feb 11, Feb 25th, March 4, March 18, April 1

Ohana Mentor SFO

Olivia Weingart / Julia Newton 

Faith Integration

"In the Ohana Mentor floor Life Group, we will meet once a month with just the upperclassmen of Heritage 2. At this time we will go over the curriculum for the Ohana mentor/mentee partners, which will have two topics per month available for the pair to discuss (i.e. "family" and "friends" both of which will be processed throughout one month but talked about during one session of the Life Group).  The purpose of the group will be both so that the upperclassmen can feel prepared for conversations with the first-years as well as process through the material for their own benefit. "

Heritage 2 Lounge | Once a Month | Sundays | 9 p.m. | DATES: Jan 20, Feb 10, March 24, April 7

... and many more! Find the full list of life groups on the Malone events calendar

All leaders and topics have been approved by the Office of Spiritual Formation. Please note that group topics and teachings are not necessarily a reflection of the beliefs of Malone University or the Office of Spiritual Formation, but have been selected because of expressed student interests, inquiries, or requests. We value student input and want to do our best to offer groups and topics representing the diversity of our student body.

Questions regarding the content of group meetings should be sent to the group leader. 

Please refer to the Malone Events Calendar for more information and specific dates for each group.

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