Life Groups are designed for students to:

  • Receive personal discipleship from individuals with spiritual maturity
  • Experience differing degrees of Christian community
  • Develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by studying Scripture, asking questions, and engaging in discussions.

Each Life Group topic and description has been decided upon by the leader.

Life Groups aim to help students know, love, and serve Jesus Christ by providing personal settings focused on Biblical Study, Spiritual Disciplines and Faith Integration.

The Three Streams of Life Groups


Biblical Study Life Groups embrace and dig into the biblical story through making observations, interpretations, and developing applications of the Scriptures. Studying Scriptures help us gain insights into God, our relationship with others, and creation.


Spiritual Discipline Life Groups focus on the use and practice of spiritual disciplines as a means for helping students be attentive to the Holy Spirit's work. Content is focused on the historical and biblical teaching of various spiritual disciplines and their function and purpose in ongoing spiritual formation.


Faith Integration LifeGroups expose students to foundational principles of Christian faith that inform a theology of life, work, and play. Students will learn healthy, holy rhythms that reflect the Holy Spirit's work in our life and community.

Open and Closed Life Groups

Some Life Groups are closed to specific groups of students across campus where other "open" Life Groups are open to all students.

Please refer questions about attendance to the leader or to the Spiritual Formation Office

Life Group Season officially launches on September 11 and ends on November 20


FALL '19: Open Life Groups


Jamie Roten

Bible Study

"Awaken exists to help bring students into a vibrant and growing relationship with God.  We desire to teach students that their faith is an important and vital part of their life journey.  It should shape who they are, how they think and respond to adversity, and that Jesus should be the center of all they do."

Emma's or Stewart Room - RCC | Weekly | Sundays 7PM | September 15 - November 17

Dating & Marriage: Leaning into Faith Together

Jaclyn Dwyer

Faith Integration

Jaclyn and Rob's House - 821 Glendale St SW North Canton, OH 44720 | Mondays | 9:30 PM | Sept 16 - October 21

Jesus Is

Devin Galbraith

Bible Study

"Jesus Is" is all about learning who Jesus is through the Gospels, and discovering the kind of life He's called us to live."

Emma's Lounge - RCC | Weekly | Tuesdays | 9 p.m. | September 17 - November 12

It's Not Supposed to Be this Way

Linda Leon

Faith Integration

"Life brings daily disappointments and sometimes life-altering loss.  Using Lysa Terkeurst's book, "It's Not Supposed to Be This Way," we'll talk about finding unexpected strength as we wrestle well between our faith and feelings.  This women's Life Group will be held at Linda Leon's house (10 minutes from campus) for six weeks beginning September 16.  Purchase of book isn't necessary. "

5423 Tanager Ave NE Canton OH 44705 | Mondays | 7-8:30PM | Sept 16 - October 21| DATES: 9/16 9/23 9/30 10/7 10/14 10/21

Coffee and Context

Chris Dewar

Bible Study

"Coffee & Context builds spiritual community by breaking down misconceptions surrounding the bible and relating it to daily life."

Emma's Lounge - RCC | Weekly | Mondays | 10 a.m. | September 16 - November 18

Creation Care

Tanya Hershberger / Anna Killian

Faith Integration

"Anna Kilian, senior zoo bio major and I will lead another group on Creation Care this year. We will be looking at God's call us to care for the creation by studying scriptures and by applying this to environmental issues.  We will be interactive and discussion based. "

Timken Science 100 | Thursdays | 10:30 AM | September 14 - November 13

Morning Prayer

David Beer

Spiritual Disciplines

"Morning prayer is a spiritual discipline of the Christian church that has been practiced since the early church. Morning prayer orients the day around worship and praise of God and serves as a daily practice of Bible reading as well. Morning prayer reminds Christians that we are not only part of a historic faith, but also a global faith that shares together in faithful practices and shared prayers."

Dueble Room - CC | Mondays | 8:00 AM | September 16 - November 18

Revival Prayer

Ruth Martin / Cameron Baylor

Spiritual Disciplines

" I would like to use a study guide and go through the book "Hinds' Feet in High Places" with the attendees.  Ideally, they would read (or listen) to the book in small chunks for each week's discussion.  The book can be accessed through Hoopla (both audio & digital) for free with a Stark library account.  I would purchase the facilitator's study guide. "

Rose Room in the Barn | Weekly | Fridays | NOON | September 20 - November 15


Shawn Maurer

Spiritual Disciplines

"Rooted is a journey for people in every life stage, wherever they are on their walk with Christ. It provides the opportunity to connect with God and a small group of people from our church. The weekly study will cover foundational elements of your faith: Scripture, prayer, worship, generosity and service. Rooted is an interactive environment. You’ll circle up with your group for about an hour once a week for 10 weeks."


Noon Prayers

Lauren Seifert

Spiritual Disciplines

"Noon Prayers is a Monday-Noon activity time that is devoted to prayer for all those praises and challenges about which we know. During our 40 minutes together, we explore our ideas about Scripture and prayer and pray together."

SB #2 | Mondays | 12:00 PM | September 16 - November 18

The Edge - Discovering the Life You are Meant to Live

Ashley Zehr / Tianna Douglas / Troy Larson

Faith Integration

"Discover the life you were meant to live by discovering the one who created you. Jesus has over 700 names and titles. Join us as we explore how these names impact our lives today. "

CC-104 | Wednesdays | 8:00 PM | Sep 1 - November 13

Gospel of John

Ray Jeske

Gospel of John

"We will explore and engage with the spiritual disciplines that help create a victorious and fruitful Christian life. We will enjoy a positive, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere that will require and inspire students interacting and growing as they engage with God and each other through a variety of learning experiences."

Emma's - RCC | Weekly | Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM | Sep 18 - November 13

Biblical Perspectives on Singleness, Dating, Engagement and Marriage

Shawn Yost

Faith Integration

"We will study what the Bible says about navigating life and love in the modern times. We will also discuss some ideas from Ben Stuart’s book single. dating. engaged. married."

MH 205 | Thursdays | 10:30 AM | September 12 - October 3

Living the Virtues (Catholic Life Group)

Emily Schmidt / Chris Payne

Spiritual Discipline

" Each week we will explore a different virtue; how to implement each into your life and how you can counteract the vices with these virtues in mind. "

Round Room - RCC | Mondays | 9:00 PM | Sept 16 - November 18

Perspective Panels: Christianity and Climate Change

Donald Brown Jr / Jacci Stuckey

Faith Integration

"Perspective Panels aims to bring together Malone professors from multiple disciplines to discuss a social issue important to our local community and world at large from a Christian perspective. For the Fall 2019 semester each panel will discuss a different aspect of the relationship between Christianity and the issue of climate change. "

Silk Auditorium | Tuesdays | 10:30am-11:20 | September 17 - November 12 | DATES: 9/17, 10/1, 10/15, 10/29, 11/12

Study of James

Mike Duma

Bible Study

"Going through a book of the Bible, seeking to apply what God's word says about how to live life best. "

Round Room - RCC | Thursdays | 8:00 PM | September 12 - November 13


FALL '19: Residence Hall Life Groups

Haviland - Spiritual Disciplines in Solitude, Community and Ministry

Christian Stark

Spiritual Discipline

" In this group, we will focus on our movement from solitude to community to ministry. We will do this through building a community among our group and practicing spiritual disciplines that go alone with these three movements. "

Haviland 1st floor Study Lounge | Wednesdays | 7:00 PM | Sep 18 - November 13

Heritage Hall - Bits & Pieces

Olivia Weingart / Hannah Holden

Faith Integration

"Create a space for students to engage with professors, faculty, and Malone affiliates to hear about their faith journey’s and how Jesus has worked in their lives."

Heritage 2 Lounge | Sundays | 8:00 PM | September 15 - November 17

PGB Hall

Kody Shilling

Bible Study

"Stories matter. Community matters. Faith matters. Come hang out in PGB where we will hear from our very own faculty and staff talk about how God has transformed their lives. We will also get to ask questions and be challenged by each speaker."

PGB RD Apartment | Wednesdays | 7:30 PM | Sep 18 - November 13


Blossom Hall - Let your Faith Blossom

Jeneca Shar

Faith Integration

"The goal of this life group is to provide students with the basic knowledge of how to start their faith journey, how to be more confident in themselves, and strive for the love of Jesus. "

Third Floor Lounge | Tuesdays | 6:50 AM | September 17 - November 12

DeVol Hall - Living for Jesus as DeVol Dude

Tyler Moomaw

Faith Integration

"What do you think defines a man? In this life group we will dive into 10 different biblical qualities to discover what it means to be a man of God."

DeVol Main Lobby | Weekly | Mondays | 7:00 PM | Sept 16 - November 18

WWF Hall

Michelle Houston

Bible Study

"Women in this life group will be challenged and invited to dive into what it means to be a strong woman of God - and how that looks different than what some might think."

Fox 2 lounge | Bi-Weekly | Mondays | 6:00 PM | Sept 16 - October 21 | DATES: 9/30 10/14 10/28 11/4 11/18

FALL '19: Closed Life Groups

CA Small Groups 2.0

Marcia Everett 

Faith Integration

Marcia's Home | Sundays | 8-9:30pm | September 15 - November 17 | SELECT DATES

Community Worship

JD Laird / Paige Svendsen 


Faith Integration


The Round Room (The Barn) | Mondays | 10 AM | DATES: 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11


Dating & Marriage: Leaning into Faith Together

Jaclyn Dwyer

Faith Integration

"Jaclyn and Rob's House 821 Glendale St SW North Canton, OH 44720" | Mondays | 9:30 PM | Sept 16 - October 21

MCC Ladies - Choosing Joy

Hannah Thompson

Bible Study

Blossom 3 Lobby | Thursdays | 7:00 PM | September 19 - November 13

Service Leadership Scholars LG

Tony Schnyders

Faith Integration

RH 305 | Thursdays | 10:30 AM |September 19 -November 13 | DATES: 9/19, 10/3, 10/24, 10/31, 11/14

Women's Basketball: Truth Seekers

Diedre Mckay

Faith Integration

OH-21 | Wednesdays | 7:30 PM | September 18 - November 13

... and many more! Find the full list of life groups on the Malone events calendar

All leaders and topics have been approved by the Office of Spiritual Formation. Please note that group topics and teachings are not necessarily a reflection of the beliefs of Malone University or the Office of Spiritual Formation, but have been selected because of expressed student interests, inquiries, or requests. We value student input and want to do our best to offer groups and topics representing the diversity of our student body.

Questions regarding the content of group meetings should be sent to the group leader. 

Please refer to the Malone Events Calendar for more information and specific dates for each group.