Life Groups are designed for students to:

  • Receive personal discipleship from individuals with spiritual maturity
  • Experience differing degrees of Christian community
  • Develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by studying Scripture, asking questions, and engaging in discussions.

Each Life Group topic and description has been decided upon by the leader.

Life Groups aim to help students know, love, and serve Jesus Christ by providing personal settings focused on Biblical Study, Spiritual Disciplines, and Faith Integration.

The Three Streams of Life Groups


Biblical Study Life Groups embrace and dig into the biblical story through making observations, interpretations, and developing applications of the Scriptures. Studying Scriptures help us gain insights into God, our relationship with others, and creation.


Spiritual Discipline Life Groups focus on the use and practice of spiritual disciplines as a means for helping students be attentive to the Holy Spirit's work. Content is focused on the historical and biblical teaching of various spiritual disciplines and their function and purpose in ongoing spiritual formation.


Faith Integration Life Groups expose students to foundational principles of Christian faith that inform a theology of life, work, and play. Students will learn healthy, holy rhythms that reflect the Holy Spirit's work in our life and community.

Open and Closed Life Groups

Some Life Groups are closed to specific groups of students across campus where other "open" Life Groups are open to all students.

Please refer questions about attendance to the leader or to the Spiritual Formation Office

Life Group Season officially launches the week of January 24 and runs through the week of April 4!


Spring 2022 Life Groups

Please refer to the Malone Events Calendar for more information and specific dates for each group.


Open Life Groups

Dance and Devotions

Bekah Stranger


Faith Integration


This Life Group is for both dancers and those who have always wanted to learn how to dance! Each session will open with a devotion and discussion, and then transition into dance. This year, we are focusing more on choreography, and plan on presenting a short showcase for anyone who would like to perform at the end of the semester!

Commuter Life Group

Sarah Smith


Spiritual Disciplines


Meet other Malone commuter students for a place of mutual connection, community and intentional bible study!

Being a Powerful Person in the World of Dating

Stacey Utech


Faith Integration


This Life Group will focus on how to be a powerful person while dating. Learn how to address potential triggers in dating, how to know yourself and others on a deeper level, communication and overall how to interact with other people in healthy and connecting ways!

Morning Prayer

David Beer


Spiritual Disciplines


Morning prayer is a spiritual discipline of the Christian church that has been practiced since the early church. It orients the day around worship and praise of God and serves as a daily practice of Bible reading as well. It reminds Christians that we are not only part of a historic faith, but also a global faith that shares together in faithful practices and shared prayers.

Jesus Is

Devin Galbraith


Bible Study


"Jesus Is" is all about diving into God's word and discovering the kind of life Jesus has called us to live. Each week, we'll read a chapter from the Gospels, and discuss it as a group to see how it applies to our lives today.

Devol Hall Life Group

Temeko Holness


Bible Study


This Life Group will meet in Devol and focus on how to live as Christians in meaningful ways.

Coffee Conversations: Spiritual Life at Different Life Stages

Amy Rozko 


Spiritual Disciplines


This Life Group with feature discussions and interviews with women from the local community! Hear from a new guest each week on how they connect with God and practice Spiritual Disciplines. Women will vary in age and life stage each week. Come prepared to ask questions in a conversational environment!

Fill Your Cup

Kaylyn Jones + Destiny Tackett


Faith Integration



This Life Group will focus on themes of vulnerability and growth through studying a different passage of scripture each week.

Spiritual Disciplines for Men

Christian Stark


Spiritual Disciplines


Hosted in Haviland Hall, this group will focus on a different Spiritual Discipline each week.

You Are Heard - Mental Health

Justine Chester + Taylor Small


Faith Integration


This Life Group is a welcoming place for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health. Don't walk alone in your struggles! Learn and discuss mental health disorders, coping strategies, and advice on how to deal with mental health as a college student.

Telos: The Point of the Bible & the Questions of Life

JR Rozko with Max Digman and Lucas Clark


Bible Study


What, really, is the point of the Bible when it comes to the questions we are asking about the meaning, purpose, and shape of our lives? With some teaching sprinkled in, each session of this Life Group will primarily revolve around questions that participants are bringing to their engagement around the Bible and will be heavily conversational. 

Wellness Journaling

Sam Hier + Joyce Byler


Faith Integration


This Life Group serves as a way to introduce people to a new form of mental wellness through journaling and some discussion at the end. Journal prompts will serve as a way to be reflective about your relationship with yourself and God. Bring a journal if you have one!


A Different World

Andrea Ramsey and Windy Singo


Faith Integration


"A Different World” will discuss past and present issues of African American students that are still relevant today.  The group is discussion based and will examine the themes of the 80’s- 90s sitcom, “A Different World”, that was based on college life at a fictional historically black college.  Each group session will consist of showing a selected 22 minute episode of the show followed by a discussion about the main topic of the episode.  Emphasis will be placed upon building understanding and unity through the principles of Christian faith to promote equity and inclusion on campus.

Closed Life Groups

Women's Cross Country // Closed

Grace Coakley and Leah Metzger


Spiritual Disciplines


A closed life group for the cross country women’s team to learn and discuss Gods word together and experience fellowship within faith based conversation outside of our typical running workouts.

Worship Arts LG // Closed

Adam Pearce


Faith Integration


This closed Life Group for the Worship Teams will focus on deepening our heart connection with our Heavenly father and living a life devoted to creative expressions of worship and sharing the gospel both on stage and off.


Women's Volleyball // Closed

CC Gurney


Bible Study

This is a closed Life Group for the Women's Volleyball Team. Gather together outside of normal practice times to study the book of Esther and discuss what it looks like to read the scriptures and connect it to everyday life.


Women's Soccer Life Groups // Closed

Bailey Shattell, Carol Nakata, and Emily Calvani


Bible Study


A place for the Women's Soccer Team to meet intentionally outside of normal practice times. This semester, this Life Group will be studying the book of Matthew. 

Men's Soccer Team // Closed

CJ Bancroft


Life Group Stream: Faith IntegrationA place for the Men's Soccer Team to discuss the various ways the Bible can apply to daily life. This semester, each discussion will have different topic, with prompting questions and scripture to guide discussions.