Life Groups are designed for students to:

  • Receive personal discipleship from individuals with spiritual maturity
  • Experience differing degrees of Christian community
  • Develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by studying Scripture, asking questions, and engaging in discussions.

Each Life Group topic and description has been decided upon by the leader.

Life Groups aim to help students know, love, and serve Jesus Christ by providing personal settings focused on Biblical Study, Spiritual Disciplines, and Faith Integration.

The Three Streams of Life Groups


Biblical Study Life Groups embrace and dig into the biblical story through making observations, interpretations, and developing applications of the Scriptures. Studying Scriptures help us gain insights into God, our relationship with others, and creation.


Spiritual Discipline Life Groups focus on the use and practice of spiritual disciplines as a means for helping students be attentive to the Holy Spirit's work. Content is focused on the historical and biblical teaching of various spiritual disciplines and their function and purpose in ongoing spiritual formation.


Faith Integration Life Groups expose students to foundational principles of Christian faith that inform a theology of life, work, and play. Students will learn healthy, holy rhythms that reflect the Holy Spirit's work in our life and community.

Open and Closed Life Groups

Some Life Groups are closed to specific groups of students across campus where other "open" Life Groups are open to all students.

Please refer questions about attendance to the leader or to the Spiritual Formation Office

Life Group Season officially launches on January 29th and runs until April 14th



Please refer to the Malone Events Calendar for more information and specific dates for each group.


Open Life Groups


Gina Nagella


Faith Integration


Student Senate will be hosting this Life Group focused on integrating your faith while learning valuable life skills needed in the "real world." We will have different topics every other week (business etiquette, budgeting/insurance, simple home improvements, self-defense) with guest speakers who work in that specific field, who are able to provide great knowledge and tips.

Coffee and Context

Chris Dewar


Bible Study


Coffee & Context builds spiritual community by breaking down misconceptions surrounding the bible and relating it to daily life.

Commuter Life Group

Phebe Swym


Bible Study


A chance for commuters to connect with each other and the word of God in meaningful way.

Creation Care

Tanya Hershberger & Anna Killian


Faith Integration


Anna Kilian, senior zoo bio major, and Tanya will lead another group on Creation Care this year. We will be looking at God's call to us to care for creation by studying scriptures and by applying this to environmental issues. We will be interactive and discussion based.

Discovering a Meaningful Life Path: Discussions on Vocation

Laura Foote


Bible Study


The study will address the question "How do I discover my vocation?" We will discuss how God leads and guides and reveals His plans and purposes for our lives. We will discuss how personality, experience, talents, and spiritual gifts help us discover God's unique blueprint for a purposeful and meaningful life.

Embracing the Journey

Ruth Martin


Faith Integration


Have you ever wondered about the purpose of trials and suffering in your life? Join us as we travel through the book & companion devotional of the Christian classic, "Hinds Feet On High Places."


Ray Jeske


Bible Study


Leading through the Alpha series, Engaged aims to help answer the basic questions of our faith. 

Experiencing God

Shawn Yost


Bible Study


This four-week study will focus on knowing and doing the will of God.

Faith, Fitness, & Well-Being

Haleigh Seman, Tanya Hershberger, & Joyce Byler


Faith Integration


A safe place for anyone and everyone to come to work out, while integrating our faith into it.

Getting Curious

Melody Scott & Carol Nakata


Faith Integration 


A weekly exploration of all the things students are curious about and how scripture and faith relate to that topic. Join us and other voices in their respective fields as we get curious about anything and everything under the sun.

Jesus Is

Devin Galbraith


Bible Study


Jesus Is is all about learning who Jesus is through the Gospels, and discovering the kind of life He's called us to live.

Morning Prayer

David Beer


Spiritual Disciplines


Morning prayer is a spiritual discipline of the Christian church that has been practiced since the early church. Morning prayer orients the day around worship and praise of God and serves as a daily practice of Bible reading as well. Morning prayer reminds Christians that we are not only part of a historic faith, but also a global faith that shares together in faithful practices and shared prayers.

Noon Prayers

Lauren Seifert


Spiritual Disciplines


Each Monday at Noon, we join our voices in prayer. Usually, we begin our time with prayer and reading from Scripture. Then, we spend a bit of time in reflection before we pray for the praises and challenges about which we know. Participants are requested to turn off cell phones and electronic devices.

Spiritual Practice of Journaling

Sarah Gregory & Kaylyn Jones


Spiritual Disciplines


Encountering God through intentional and attentive writing.

Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Our Sexual Struggles

Jeremy Davis & Micah Czirr


Faith Integration 


In this Life Group, we will dive deeply into discovering what lies beneath sexual temptations and struggles. Through God's Word, testimony of others, and discussion, we will begin a journey that can lead to a life of freedom and redemption in Jesus from the sexual struggles that keep us in chains.

The Value of Life

Emily Schmidt & Chris Payne


Faith Integration


Understanding and reviewing twenty-five biblical reasons why Christians should respect, honor, protect, and defend human life.

Residence Hall Life Groups

Blossom Hall - Let your Faith Blossom

Jeneca Shar


Faith Integration


The goal of this Life Group is to provide students with the basic knowledge of how to start their faith journey, how to be more confident in themselves, and strive for the love of Jesus.

DeVol Hall - Living for Jesus as DeVol Dude

Tyler Moomaw


Faith Integration


We will go through James in ten weeks by taking a half of a chapter each week. We will dive into it by reading it, looking at context and application.

Haviland - Philippians: Finding Joy

Christian Stark


Spiritual Discipline


In this Life Group, we will study the whole book of Philippians, focusing on and working to practice the spiritual fruit of joy.

PGB: Own the Moment

Kody Shilling


Bible Study


Learn how to be in the moment and own your life purpose.


WWF: Real Talk

Julia Newton & Kaela Geither


Faith Integration 


In Real Talk, we will be meeting once a week to discuss different topics in a way that attempts to strip back the stereotypical "Sunday school" answers, in the hopes that we can dig into the roots of what we believe. 

Postgame Life Groups

Postgame Life Group

Holly Groff




Open to any student athlete. Connected to the Postgame SFO. 

Student Athlete Life Group

Gloria Opoku




Open to any student athlete. Connected to the Postgame SFO. 

Closed Life Groups

Community Worship

JD Laird & Paige Svendsen 


Faith Integration


The gathering of Malone's worship leaders to talk about Jesus and learn more about worshipping Him through music!


Entering the Question

Melody Scott


Bible Study 


A study of the book of Mark for questions and practices encouraged by Jesus and the Scriptures that takes us beyond superficial living.

MCC Ladies - Choosing Joy

Hannah Thompson


Faith Integration


A closed LG for Malone's Women's Cross Country team.

Men's Cross Country Life Group

Zach Fresenko


Bible Study


Closed to Malone Men's Cross Country team.

Service Leadership Scholars LG

Tony Schnyders


Faith Integration


This semester we will actually be looking to have dialogue around difficult social justice topics.

You can also Find the full list of life groups on the Malone events calendar

All leaders and topics have been approved by the Office of Spiritual Formation. Please note that group topics and teachings are not necessarily a reflection of the beliefs of Malone University or the Office of Spiritual Formation, but have been selected because of expressed student interests, inquiries, or requests. We value student input and want to do our best to offer groups and topics representing the diversity of our student body.

Questions regarding the content of group meetings should be sent to the group leader. 

Please refer to the Malone Events Calendar for more information and specific dates for each group.