Life Groups are designed for students to:

  • Receive personal discipleship from individuals with spiritual maturity
  • Experience differing degrees of Christian community
  • Develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by studying Scripture, asking questions, and engaging in discussions.

Each Life Group topic and description has been decided upon by the leader.

Life Groups aim to help students know, love, and serve Jesus Christ by providing personal settings focused on Biblical Study, Spiritual Disciplines, and Faith Integration.

The Three Streams of Life Groups


Biblical Study Life Groups embrace and dig into the biblical story through making observations, interpretations, and developing applications of the Scriptures. Studying Scriptures help us gain insights into God, our relationship with others, and creation.


Spiritual Discipline Life Groups focus on the use and practice of spiritual disciplines as a means for helping students be attentive to the Holy Spirit's work. Content is focused on the historical and biblical teaching of various spiritual disciplines and their function and purpose in ongoing spiritual formation.


Faith Integration Life Groups expose students to foundational principles of Christian faith that inform a theology of life, work, and play. Students will learn healthy, holy rhythms that reflect the Holy Spirit's work in our life and community.

Open and Closed Life Groups

Some Life Groups are closed to specific groups of students across campus where other "open" Life Groups are open to all students.

Please refer questions about attendance to the leader or to the Spiritual Formation Office

Life Group Season officially launches the week of January 23 and runs through the week of April 7!


Spring 2023 Life Groups

Please refer to the Malone Events Calendar for more information and specific dates for each group.

Open Life Groups

How to Read the Bible

Ethan Ashton + Max Maline + Leonard Veccia


Spiritual Disciplines


Bring a Bible and a Pen as we explore some critical rules of bible study to help us grow in our spiritual walks. Monday at 10:05am in the Round Room of the Barn.


Alicia Martinez


Faith Integration


A life group devoted to finding rest for the body and the soul through a study of Psalm 23 accompanied with dynamic stretching. This will start on February 20th. It meets on Monday at 10:05am in the Pioneer Room (Osborne Hall). 

Let's Talk

Windy Singo + Linda Leon


Bible Study

This is a biblical study of topics around which Christ-followers have varying opinions. This group meets every other Monday at 4:00pm in CC 105. See the calendar for more details.

The Well

Shawn Yost


Bible Study


Join us for a time of building Christ-like community. We will study God’s Word and discuss how we can apply it to our lives. There will also be food, a variety of optional activities and time to connect with friends. Our goal is to encourage you, no matter where you are in your faith journey. Come be refreshed at The Well. This group meets Monday at 6:30pm at First Friends Gym.

Road Trip to Truth

Zane Keele


Faith Integration


“Take a 2,000 year old question, throw in a mix of Gen Z college students, and add a healthy serving of experts and what do you get? Road Trip to Truth, a series that seeks to teach us the answers to life’s biggest questions.” (Road Trip to Truth Series with John Fabarez) This group meets on Tuesday at 10:30am in the Fox Hall first floor lounge.

Lectio Divina

Dr. Hannah Kroonblawd


Spiritual Disciplines


In Lectio Divina, we encounter the Bible through patterns of reading, reflection, prayer, and contemplation. This Life Group focuses on the events of Holy Week and Easter to guide intentional, personal connection with Scripture. We'll see Christ's life, death, and resurrection reflected in classic and contemporary literature, and engage in creative writing prompts that reflect the rhythms of Lectio Divina. This group meets on Tuesday at 10:30am in the English Lounge (JC 206) in the Johnson Center.

Dance and Devotions

Bekah Stranger + Rachel Stranger


Faith Integration


This Life Group is for both dancers and those who have always wanted to learn how to dance! Each session will open with a devotion and discussion, and then transition into dance. This year, we are focusing more on choreography, and plan on presenting a short showcase for anyone who would like to perform at the end of the semester! This group meets on Tuesday at 8pm in the Pioneer Room (Osborne Hall).

Jesus Is

Devin Galbraith


Bible Study


"Jesus Is" is all about diving into God's word and discovering the kind of life Jesus has called us to live. Each week, we'll read a chapter from the Gospels, and discuss it as a group to see how it applies to our lives today. This group meets on Tuesday at 9pm in the Stewart Room (The Barn). 

Avoiding Collisions at the Intersection of Faith and Science

Jeff Goff


Faith Integration/Bible Study


We will address the relationship between faith and skepticism, the logical consequences of theism and naturalism, the Creation/Evolution debate, and explore how worship can be inspired/informed by a scientific understanding of the physical world. We will also look at how a biblical approach to environmental stewardship differs from a secular approach. This group meets on Wednesday at 7pm  in TS-100 starting on February 8th. 

Wellness Journaling

Sam Hier + Joyce Byler


Faith Integration


This Life Group serves as a way to introduce people to a new form of mental wellness through journaling and some discussion at the end. Journal prompts will serve as a way to be reflective about your relationship with yourself and God. Bring a journal if you have one! This group meets on Wednesday at 7:15pm in Emma's Café (The Barn). 

Let's Talk John

Gracie Humphries + Rachel Belitz


Bible Study


This life group is for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the Gospel of John! Please join us Wednesdays at 8:30 in the Blossom 3rd Floor Lounge to learn more about John's account of the story of Jesus. Feel free to bring your Bibles, journals, and something to write with. Throughout reading we will discuss John’s perspective of Christ's life on earth, how He secured eternal life for all those who believe in him, and finally how we can live out this wonderful hope we possess in our daily lives. We can’t wait to see you there!

Heritage Hall Life Group

John Evin


Bible Study


Heritage Hall Life Group is a weekly gathering where we come together and study the word of God. This group is studying personal integrity in all aspects of life. They will include conversations around accountability, sexual integrity, and what it means to live with integrity in all aspects of life. This group meets on Wednesday at 8pm in the Heritage Hall first floor lounge at the end of the hall. 

Coffee Conversations: Spiritual Life at Different Life Stages

Amy Rozko 


Spiritual Disciplines


Coffee Conversations with feature discussions and interviews with people from the local community where they discuss how they connect with God and spiritual disciplines! This group is hosted by a local pastor and guests will vary in age and life stage each week. If you’d like to nominate someone to come as a guest please email Amy at This group meets on Thursday at 10:30am in the Stewart Room (The Barn).

Coffee with a Counselor

Michael McGovern


Faith Integration


Education and Discussion of Mental Health Issues" Group will focus on education of mental health issues ranging from anxiety and depression to life skills and stress management. The group will address the intersection of mental health with faith and healthier ways to integrate them to provide more support rather than perpetuating stigmas. This group meets Thursday at 10:30am in the Round Room (3rd floor) in the Barn.

Can We Talk About That?

Alicia McLeod


Faith Integration


This is a group where we talk about social justice topics we often avoid in the church. We will look at what the Bible has to say as well as different views the church have. We know that there are many different perspectives on these topics and this is a place where we can respectfully engage in the conversation. This group meets on Thursday at noon in the Stewart Room (Bennett Lounge on 3/2). Feel free to bring your lunch. 

Hope Connections

Megan Tschantz


Faith Integration


This Life Group is offered through the CSS to connect students to hope by learning ways to cope with mental health issues in a safe community. We will engage in discussion about mental health and our identity in Christ and provide time for further fellowship through weekly dinner opportunities. This group meets on Thursday at 4pm in the Stewart Room (The Barn).

Nothing Personal

Windy Singo + Anna Aristor


Faith Integration


Acknowledging that Malone is a Predominately White Institution, this Life Group shines light on the struggles this brings to the minority student. This discussion-based Life Group will provide students a safe space to comfortably navigate and discuss uncomfortable topics through a Biblical lens, including but not limited to issues of racial inequality. This group meets every other Thursday at 8:30pm in the Multicultural Services Office. See calendar appointment for additional details.

Morning Prayer

Dr. David Beer


Spiritual Disciplines


Morning prayer is a spiritual discipline of the Christian church that has been practiced since the early church. It orients the day around worship and praise of God and serves as a daily practice of Bible reading as well. It reminds Christians that we are not only part of a historic faith, but also a global faith that shares together in faithful practices and shared prayers. This group meets on Friday at 10am in the Deuble Room (Centennial Center).

Closed Life Groups

Women's Cross Country // Closed

Kendall Anenson + Trinitie Woolace


Faith Integration


A closed life group for the cross country women’s team to learn and discuss Gods word together and experience fellowship within faith based conversation outside of our typical running workouts.

Women's Volleyball // Closed

CC Gurney


Bible Study

This is a closed Life Group for the Women's Volleyball Team. Gather together outside of normal practice times to study the life of David and discuss what it looks like to read the scriptures and connect it to everyday life.


E-Sports Life Group // Closed

Andrew Boak


Bible Study


This Life Group is for the E-sports team. This semester they will focus on going through the book of Acts.

Women's Soccer Team // Closed

Bailey Shattell + Natalie Martorana + Emily Calvani


Bible Study


A place for the Women's Soccer Team to meet intentionally outside of normal practice times.