Spiritual Life Committee

Co-Student Directors of Spiritual Formation and the Spiritual Life Committee

Elected through Student Senate, the co-directors have conversations with Malone students about the Christian faith, direct students to existing campus spiritual formation programming, plan new spiritual growth events, and oversee the student Spiritual Life Committee. The co-directors are advised by the Office of Spiritual Formation. The Spiritual Life Committee consists of leaders of every recognized student spiritual organization.

Student Leaders for 2021-22 Academic Year

Bekah Stranger rmstranger1@malone.edu Co-Director of Spiritual Formation
Alyvia Brough awbrough1@malone.edu Celebration Speaker
Gracie Humphries gahumphries1@malone.edu Celebration Speaker
Clay Karnes ctkarnes1@malone.edu Celebration Music Co-Leader
Ashlynn Koeppe ankoeppe1@malone.edu Celebration Music Co-Leader
Koby Todd kmtodd1@malone.edu Celebration Host
Faith Benson-Ludle fbenson-ludle1@malone.edu
Multicultural Students Co-Director
Kris Hankins khankins1@malone.edu Multicultural Students Co-Director
Jensen Miller jjmiller5@malone.edu OSF Discipleship Representative
Rachael Troyer rmtroyer3@malone.edu Nursing Christian Fellowship Leader
Anna Mallette aemallette1@malone.edu Nursing Christian Fellowship Leader
Cierra (CC) Gurney cngurney1@malone.edu Nursing Christian Fellowship Leader

Interested in becoming a student leader?


Apply to lead Celebration! Applications for Speakers and Music Leader will be open mid-semester in Spring 2022.