Alumna honored as Stark County Woman in Business

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For Dayna (Linger) Yurkovich ’07 (right), the excitement is in the details. An entrepreneur who loves business, events, an unconventional work schedule, and motherhood, Yurkovich was honored this past spring by About Magazine as a Stark County Woman in Business.

Yurkovich, a communication arts graduate, is the owner of Event Day Marketing, founded in 2015. She and her team produce events that celebrate the different stages of life from weddings and marriage, to kids and family, to seniors and retirement. Primarily serving Stark and Summit County, they aim to create engaging, event marketing opportunities for local businesses to reach their target markets through fun and interactive environments.

“I interned at an event company while I was at Malone and worked there for a few years after graduation,” she said. “I moved on to other job opportunities after that but maintained a great relationship with the owner and appreciated the experience I had there. Late in 2014, she approached me about buying the event business. The offer was timely and I decided to take the leap.”

Yurkovich believes that details make all the difference in the world of event planning.

“I thrive on the behind-the-scenes details that event participants don’t even notice,” said Yurkovich. “My favorite part of it all, though, are the relationships with the amazing business owners that are a part of our shows. I’ve truly found my niche in the event-planning world.”

A new mother to Beckett, her son born in 2018, and wife of an entrepreneur, Brad (of Yurko Stitch), Yurkovich has found a fulfilling life balancing what she loves most.

“Becoming a mom was a whirlwind,” she said. “I’ve always loved my work and wondered if having a child would change that for me, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I think you can have it all, but you can’t have it all in the exact same moment. Family always helps drive us more to succeed in whatever it is we want to accomplish.”

The couple also owns lemonade concessions: LemonBall Lemonade, based at minor league baseball stadiums, and The Main Squeeze Lemonade, which sets up at festivals and other area events.

“I honestly never pictured myself owning a business,” she said, “but if it wasn’t for the years of leadership and training at Malone that opened doors to great job experiences and encouragement from trusted mentors, I probably wouldn’t have taken the leap. Brad and I have a fun, unconventional life. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”