Malone: One of Ohio's Best Colleges

File Under: Academic Excellence

Malone University has been named one of Ohio’s Best 25 Colleges by the online publication College Choice. The organization’s purpose is to help students and families evaluate colleges and universities based on academic reputation, student body diversity, and return on investment as measured by graduate outcomes against individual college costs.

The organization uses data from the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System (IPEDS) to make their evaluations. The data set is courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics.

“There are a lot of college rankings these days and we are always pleased to be recognized as an asset for the region,” said Malone University President David King. “However, these rankings can be very confusing for students and families. We encourage prospective families to start the college search process early and to consider a great number of institutions. They are looking for a fit, for an institution that will help them to achieve their long-term dreams and aspirations. Rankings can be helpful to families in the screening process, but they cannot replace a well-executed college search process.”

Case Western Reserve University was ranked first in the College Choice rankings. Malone was the only Stark County institution recognized.