Community Agreement

Community Responsibilities

The purpose of education is to help people develop in deliberate and constructive ways. At Malone University we affirm the deep interrelatedness of mind, body and spirit, and we understand that people are formed by habits and relationships as well as by classroom learning. Members of the Malone community become participants in a safe, loving, supportive academic community in which we grow together in love of God and neighbor, toward the people we were created to become.

As participants in this community each of us is called to play an active role in maintaining this supportive environment, and to participate in communal and spiritual disciplines that free us to grow in Christ. We do this primarily by teaching, modeling, and encouraging one another in all areas of our lives. We also do this by establishing rules and boundaries that guide and protect both the work of our community and our development as individuals.

Malone welcomes into our community students who share our Christian convictions, students who do not, and students who are still trying to figure it all out. But all members of the Malone community commit themselves to active and responsible participation in the disciplined life of our community. It is our conviction and our experience that living within the boundaries established by these Community Responsibilities strengthens our shared life and helps create space for God to work in and among us.

Violations of Person

We are called to build up others in love, but life with others inevitably brings about conflicts that call for self-control, forgiveness, and thoughtful discernment. Malone prohibits:

  • Conduct which substantially infringes on or invades the rights of others, including theft, willful damage to, or vandalism of personal or university property.
  • Intentionally or recklessly endangering or threatening the life or physical safety of others or self.
  • Directing any kind of demeaning gesture, threat of violence, or physical attack toward a person.
  • The practice of “hazing” of any form for the purpose of initiation into any recognized or non-recognized Malone team or organization.
  • The possession or use of guns, knives, explosives, dangerous chemicals or noxious devices, and other dangerous weapons on all premises owned by Malone, or while engaging in Malone-related activities.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drugs

Abuse of and addiction to alcohol and drugs are extremely harmful to people’s health and relationships, and intoxication breeds irresponsible behavior toward others. Malone prohibits:

  • The possession, use, distribution, purchase or sale of illegal or unauthorized drugs or controlled substances, or being under the influence of any such substance. Drug-related paraphernalia is also prohibited.  
  • Using or being under the influence of alcohol while on Malone property, while conducting Malone business, while engaging in Malone-related activities, or while operating or riding in any vehicle owned or supplied by Malone. Malone officials may conduct drug and/or alcohol testing of students without prior notice.  For further details, refer to the Malone University Substance Use and Abuse Policy for Employees and Students.
  • Malone discourages the use of tobacco or alcoholic beverages for all members of the Malone Community.


Language is a primary means by which we build up or tear down other people, and it helps shape the way we understand our world. Concern with language mirrors the thoughtful concern for “careful speech” that is a part of Malone’s Quaker heritage. Malone prohibits:

  • Dishonesty, both in academic work and in interpersonal relationships.
  • Profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, and other forms of speech that dishonor God, people, or creation. 

Sexual Conduct

Our sexuality can draw us into loving intimacy in ways that give us glimpses into the love of God. Our misuse of this gift breeds alienation and abuse. The sexual practices of the early church were counter-cultural, reflecting God’s holiness and love in a world in which sexual conduct had become exploitative and degraded.

  • Sex should be exclusively reserved for the marriage relationship, understood as a legal, lifelong commitment between a husband and wife.
  • Possession, participation in, or viewing of pornography in any form is forbidden.
  • Modesty of dress and the display of affection in public and/or lounges must reflect limits defined by consideration for others. 

Compliance with the Laws of the Land

Members of the Malone community are expected to uphold the laws of the local community, the State of Ohio, and the nation, except on those rare occasions when obedience to the governmental authorities would require behavior in direct conflict with the teaching of Scripture. In this latter case, the individual generally would submit voluntarily to the legal penalty for the behavior. Criminal violations of any kind occurring on or off campus are subject to review within the Malone community for potential disciplinary action.

Compliance with Malone Authorities

Conduct which substantially disrupts, impedes or interferes with the operation of Malone is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, disobedience of, or noncompliance with a directive or order of a member of the administration, faculty, peace officer, school safety officer, or other school authority when such disobedience or noncompliance can reasonably be anticipated to result in disorder, disruption, or interference with the operation of Malone, or adversely affect the good standing and reputation of Malone. 

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook of Malone University contains a complete articulation of the rules and responsibilities that help guide and shape our community. 

By living within the preceding statement of community responsibilities we mirror the calling of Christians to “encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11) in the love of Christ.