Emily Schmidt '20, Communication Arts

Emily Schmidt ‘20 is majoring in communication arts with a concentration in public relations. With a double minor in marketing and international business, her education is preparing her to pursue her goals of working in investor relations and career counseling. 

Schmidt applied to several schools during her college search, but the choice to attend Malone became clear after a campus visit. 

“Malone stood out because of the incredibly close-knit community,” she said. “I love that I am able to walk around campus and recognize people everywhere.”

The ability to utilize course content in real-life situations has allowed Schmidt to flourish. “All of my communication classes are directly applicable to my future workplace,” she said. “The faculty in the department coordinate information to teach relevant coursework. They really want to champion your success.”

A highlight of Schmidt’s Malone experience has been leading a spiritual formation opportunity (SFO) this semester called “Living the Virtues.” Chris Payne, assistant professor of biology, served as the faculty mentor for the Catholic-focused SFO. 

“We had conversations about important things in life beyond facilitating discussion content,” she said. “Dr. Payne has a lot of joy and he spreads that joy to others. The faculty at Malone take time to truly listen and give back to their students.”

Schmidt has found ways to spread her own joy through participating in an internship with the Department of Development in the City of Canton.

“Through my internship, I have learned how to cater my writing style to relate to diverse groups of people,” she said. “I have received practical experience through creating advertisements, working on speeches, and assisting in the development of a social media policy. My supervisor provided constructive criticism on my projects and I felt empowered to become open to change and prepare for my future career.”

Stepping out of her comfort zone has allowed Schmidt to realize the best ways to impact those around her. “I really enjoy my major because I genuinely appreciate taking the time to listen to others,” she said. “Public relations is all about connecting to people.”

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