Jessica Slater ‘20, Fine Arts and Crafts, Graphic Design and Digital Arts, Business Administration

Jessica Slater ‘20 is preparing to reach her dreams of managing her own business and working as a freelance artist. Participating in internships and applicable courses have given Slater the confidence and skills to go after her goals. 

From the start, Slater knew that she wanted to major in fine arts and crafts. However, after taking courses in graphic design and business for the first time, she chose to stack majors in those disciplines and expand her skill set. 

“At the beginning of my sophomore year I took digital art classes,” she said. “They opened up a whole new world of design and career possibilities to consider.”

The community at Malone has enabled Slater to push herself to reach new heights of artistic creativity. “At Malone, you get to know everyone in your major really well,” she said. “It creates a tighter community where both collaboration and healthy criticism of artwork are fostered and encouraged.”

One of the highlights of her experience at Malone is RSVP, a gallery show that brings together students from both the art and English departments to encourage the creation of one written and one visual piece. “We collaborate and write or paint in response to each other’s work, even though we never actually meet during the process,” she said. “It creates a unique and beneficial experience.”

Participating in an internship with Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine has allowed Slater to put her art and graphic design skills to use by working for clients outside the classroom. 

“My internship allowed me to work on the magazine from start to finish and receive practice in layout and design,” she said. “The magazine was 160 pages total, so it was challenging to get all the details correct as there were so many people collaborating on the same project. Achieving one cohesive layout, contacting different vendors, and working with the printer were all key skills that I learned.”

Her internship and Malone experience has placed Slater on track to achieve her future plans. 

“I appreciate the opportunities I have been given to participate in internships, as they have allowed me to be involved in the whole artistic process,” she said. “I want to impact others by showcasing the beauty in the ordinary through my design work.”

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