Vanessa Troyer '19, Business Administration & Accounting

Vanessa Troyer ‘19 wants to make a positive impact on the world. As a double major in business administration and accounting with a minor in international business, she is moving toward her goal of working in the hospitality industry. However, she never imagined that her education would include traveling to 13 countries in 10 weeks.

Malone’s partnership with the International Business Institute allowed Troyer to take four courses while abroad for her international business minor. 

“We traveled throughout Europe and Asia and learned how to respect and adapt to the different cultures,” she said. “My worldview was impacted when I realized that there is no ‘best way’ of living after witnessing how others go about their daily lives.”

She was also impacted by the suffering and need she observed around the globe. “It shocked me to see the level of poverty in other areas of the world,” she said. “Seeing deep levels of hardship makes you much more forgiving of people’s differences.” 

Upon returning to Malone, Troyer has noticed a definite change in her lifestyle due to the new perspective she gained from her journey. 

“Through traveling, I have become so much more flexible. I am more relaxed and accepting in my relationships with others because I know that it will all work out,” she said. “I was so busy during the study abroad experience that I became less self-focused. I didn’t have time to think about myself and what others thought of me. Going abroad takes the focus off of you and puts it on others.” 

Shifting her focus to faith and service has been a central component in Troyer’s life. 

“Going abroad made me realize how powerful God is and how much I can trust him,” she said. “Through studying at Malone I have begun to understand the diversity within the world, as well as within Christian faith and practice.”

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