Outcomes & Assessment Data: Business & Technologies

The Department of Business & Technologies conducts assessment of student learning outcomes in order to continuously improve the curriculum. This assessment program includes two primary components. The first component is a comprehensive case study administered as a pre and post test in ECON 203: Principles of Microeconomics and BUS 453: Strategic Management, respectively. This case study is a required assignment in these courses and must be completed in order to receive final course grades. The second component is a standardized, nationally normed test administered in BUS 453: Strategic Management. Completing a scoreable test is required in order to complete any major in the Department of Business & Technologies.

Only aggregate scores of these instruments are used for assessment purposes. Individual scores are kept in strictest confidence. Details of the assessment program are available from the chair of the Department of Business & Technologies. Since student learning outcomes assessment is a dynamic process, the Department reserves the right to make changes to this process.

Assessment Reports

Listed below are assessment reports for the programs in the Department of Business & Technologies, including Adult Degree Completion, MBA, and MAOL programs:

Business Administration & Accounting (BA)

Finance (BA)

Marketing (BA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL)

Mathematics (BA)

Organizational Management (Adult Degree Completion -- BA)

Sport Management (BA)

Quality Assurance Reports