Program Distinctives

Why should you choose to study history, philosophy, or social sciences at Malone?

Listed below are several distinctives about our programs. Or, if you have questions — we’d love to talk to you! Feel free to contact us. 

  • Malone is deeply intentional about integrating the Christian faith into the curriculum and into the classroom. We will urge you to seriously consider your vocation for your life as well as your career. Professors are constantly asking questions such as, “What does history have to say about the Christian faith, and what does the Christian faith have to say about history?”
  • You will be taught by professors who have studied all over the world and bring a global perspective into the classroom. Malone’s internationally-directed history curriculum focuses on both Western and  non-Western history and you will also particularly study the relationship between Christianity and Islam. 
  • Internship opportunities are available at the local, state, national, and international level — wherever your interests lead you. Malone has partnerships with many programs, and our director of off-campus and global studies is here to help. Students often intern in the White House, the State House, for the Department of Homeland Security, for World Vision, and for NGOs all over the world. 
  • There will be opportunities for out-of-the-classroom cross-cultural engagement and interactions that encourage students to visit places such as Friends Meetinghouses, Buddhist temples, and mosques.
  • You’ll take most of your upper-level courses with the same peers — meaning you’ll have the opportunity to develop a rich learning community. 
  • Professors encourage students to freely explore theological and philosophical questions honestly and seriously, yet within a context of a deliberately Christian framework.
  • You will be taught to read well, to write well, to think well — and to honestly pursue your education with humility and charity. You will be pushed to think responsibly and thoughtfully and to be fully informed.

Internship opportunities

Internships are enthusiastically encouraged at the local, state, national, and international levels — where ever your interests take you — try several! Malone has partnerships with many organizations that can help place you in the most desirable locations.

  • Bliss Institute of Applied Politics – nationally recognized internship program affords students the opportunity to experience politics firsthand and apply what they've learned in the classroom to the real world of politics.
  • Best Semester (CCCU Program) – Best Semester proudly offers ten off-campus and study abroad programs around the world including the American Studies Program in Washington, D.C., the Middle East Studies Program as well as programs in Australia, Costa Rica, Oxford, and Uganda.
  • BCA Study Abroad – BCA is committed to helping students understand the complexities of the contemporary world by providing quality academic programs and cross-cultural learning in locations around the globe.