Admission to Social Work Major

Congratulations on choosing Malone to complete your social work degree!

After admittance to Malone University, application to the major must be completed.

For traditional students (generally the four-year program), application to the major should take place during the sophomore or early in the junior year.

For AA to BA students and other transfer students (those coming into the program with credits from another institution), application to the major should take place during the end of the first semester of classes at Malone University.

Application to the major includes the following steps:

  1. Interview with a faculty member and receive permission to continue in the major.
  2. Prior to the formal interview the student will:
    • Submit a brief statement (2-4 pages in length) to the department chair indicating why the student desires to be a social work major. Refer to the Social Work Program Handbook  for specific requirements for the statement.
    • Submit two letters of reference to the department chair. (Ideally, at least one of these should be from a social worker or social service professional.)
  3. During the interview, faculty may ask questions about the references, the written statement, regarding social work itself, and may reflect with the student about his/her abilities and areas of growth.

The department may take one of three actions:

  1. Accept the student into the major.
  2. Deny the student acceptance into the major.
  3. Postpone consideration of acceptance or denial to a later date.

Students must maintain a 2.5 major GPA. To remain in the program, students must abide by the NASW Code of Ethics and by program policies as outlined within the Social Work Program Handbook.