Connect your internship and job opportunities with Malone students and graduates

Our students and graduates are in demand due to both how they’re trained in their academic areas and how our community develops their personal characters: we individually mentor each student to become a willing servant of their co-workers, your customers, and our communities. That’s the value-add of a Malone Pioneer education. 

Fill out this Google Form to add your listing to Malone University internship/job boards.

Please know that we only post jobs that seek to connect to degree-seeking and degree-holding students. 

Thank you for your interest in hiring Malone students and graduates.

What makes our internship/job board unique? 

Our students complete the Pendle Hill Pledge which includes a career-driven personality inventory called PathwayU that connects their gifts to careers and Malone University programs that launch them into lives of purpose and meaning. When they reach the point in their education when they’re ready for an internship or job, PathwayU connects them to job listings on and those that you post using the Google Form described above. Academic departments will also promote your jobs to students through internal communication. 

Recruit Students by Visiting Campus 

Although we are not accepting campus visitors at this time due to COVID-19, we anticipate returning to this practice soon. Recruit students in the Great Hall in Brehme Centennial Center by scheduling a campus visit here