Choose the Online MSN Degree in Ohio that’s engaging, Christ-centered, and Elevates Your Career

Do you want to be an excellent nurse practitioner? Start with an excellent nursing education!

Malone University’s Fully Online MSN Degree Program allows you to elevate your career, your way!

Are you a nurse eyeing that next big leap in your career? Picture this: you’re in an MSN degree program that not only propels your career but fits seamlessly into your dynamic life.

We understand the balancing act required by many busy professionals, especially if you’re trying to advance your career in the midst of running or providing for your family!

Why Choose Malone’s MSN Program over other online MSN degrees?

Tailored for career advancement and modern super-parents

Our fully online MSN program is set up for driven professionals like you. Whether you’re already a dedicated nurse or professional healthcare provider, our program allows you to shine in your field. With a fully online MSN degree, you get to choose a pathway that suits both your schedule and your ambitions.

A renowned MSN Degree in Ohio that’s now online and efficient

Malone’s online MSN program isn’t just top-tier; it’s designed for swift and comprehensive growth. Complete your online MSN degree full-time in 24 months, or pace it out part-time over 36 months. No matter what, you complete the program with the highest-quality education without compromising your commitments.

Hands-on learning is a must

Concerned about losing crucial “hands-on” experience because you’re in an online MSN degree program? Never fear - we stand apart.

Our evidence-based practice projects and three intensive advanced skills lab sessions provide hands-on learning experiences at key points throughout your training: one at the beginning, one in the middle, and finally at the conclusion of your MSN education.

Plus, you have access to our library of resources, cutting-edge nursing facilities, and can meet with faculty in person whenever you wish! This is always important for students who are joining our MSN program in Ohio, as many still value that 1-on-1 interaction.

You complete your MSN certification with real-world experience

Internship and practicum hours that align with your MSN certification requirements? Check!

At Malone, your theoretical knowledge is integrated into practical settings, allowing you to have resume-building success in the healthcare landscape.

You become the hands and feet of Jesus

Strong Christian values and ethics are the core of a Malone education, and that includes our online MSN program. Our nurses have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus with the quality and compassionate care you’ll learn to provide as a part of our program.

People dealing with health concerns are often in a state of mind that welcomes the comfort and assurance that are foundational to Christian believers, providing you with unique chances to share your faith in practical ways.

Specialized FNP and AGACNP Tracks with endless opportunities

You wouldn’t enroll in an MSN program if you wanted to be average. We want to give you the credentials that help you stand out from the pack. As an MSN student, you get to choose your pathway!

Students may also elect to add our Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education to their MSN coursework.


The MSN is a cohort program with small classes and opportunities to help you pursue your professional goals. Our program provides internship and practicum hours that meet the requirements for certification.

Post-graduate certificate options for your Online MSN Degree

If you’re looking to specialize further, we offer three post-graduate certificates:

  1. Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
  2. Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP)
  3. Certificate in Nursing Education  (also available if you've completed our top-tier nursing program in Ohio)

Graduate outcomes

At completion of this degree, our graduates:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills that build upon the undergraduate learning and equip the practitioner and clinician for all of the responsibility and accountability practices required in these advanced nurse practitioner roles.
  2. Exhibit competence in advanced practice with selected populations including an in-depth assimilation of a specialized role, content, and related skills.
  3. Integrate into one's personal and professional life the attributes needed for successful practice, including the legal and ethical components required for holistic nursing.
  4. Synthesize a body of knowledge whereby the inquiry skills are honed and used to conduct research, share research findings, and advance scholarly and professional goals.

Apply to Malone's Online MSN Program in Ohio

Are you ready? Apply to Malone University’s Online MSN degree program today and continue your journey as a compassionate, Christ-filled, caregiving nurse that our world needs.

“I graduated from Malone’s BSN program so when the time was right for me to return to school, I knew I wanted to do my MSN at Malone. I valued the cohort model because we could learn from each other’s specialties and work together as a team. Both of Malone’s programs reinforce the importance of holistic care for our patients through the lens of Christian faith. Dr. Hartman truly represents the embodiment of faith and how it integrates with the practice of nursing. I can’t imagine enrolling in a program where I couldn’t integrate my faith. For me, this program ended way too quickly!”

Renae (Rodocker) Snyder '98 '22 (left)
MSN Graduate

“I have really enjoyed having a Christian perspective being brought to our courses throughout this program, and have found my faith being strengthened through this. One of the biggest benefits that I have seen is developing relationships with our professors who are always available to help us through our coursework . Dr Hartman has been such an inspiration! She helped us get our research project off the ground and guided us every step of the way to publication. Her encouragement and insight was exactly what we needed. We are beyond grateful for her giving us the opportunity to work with her these past years and I hope to someday be able to pay it forward!”

Dawn Miller '22 (right)
MSN Graduate