GEN 460 Waiting List Resolution Process


Our goal is to prioritize the entry of closed-out students into full GEN 460 sections in the fairest way possible. In order to achieve that goal, we need you, the student, to provide us with truthful information by completing the Google Form available at this link.

Deadline for priority consideration: Friday, April 12, 4:30 pm

We may not announce decisions until Friday, April 26, 2024 (so please be patient)

Entry criteria (in order of importance)

  1. Need for a specific section based on graduation date and impossibility of rearranging other courses and work/personal schedules.
    ** NOTE: Students graduating in December with no other options get first priority; all other applications will only be considered on a space-available basis.**
  2. Evidence of significant hardship in taking a section other than the requested section.
  3. Rank order on the waiting list based on when the form was completed (there are no guarantees of admission to a GEN 460 for applications submitted after April 12, 2024).
  4. Topic preferences.

If you have any questions or trouble completing the form, please contact the Director of General Education, Dr. Scott Waalkes via email at