Organizational Management

Looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in the management field?

Virtually every kind of business and organization needs leaders who can manage people, products, and processes. 

Combining classroom instruction with real-world experience, Malone's organizational management major prepares graduates for active leadership roles in corporate, government, and non-profit environments.

What kind of career fields will the Organizational Management major prepare me for?

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Human resource management
  • Financial control
  • Operations management
  • Business communications
  • Production management
  • Service management
  • Organization change management
  • Team development
  • Managing organizational culture

*NOTE: This major is available for Accelerated Degree Completion students only.

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Jeff Hoehn

Accelerated Degree Completion Program Graduate

“I am ecstatic to say that since I graduated, I am no longer self-employed and am now working in a new field with a company who saw the value in both my experience and my degree.”