Student Research

Malone students don’t just learn new knowledge. They create it.

Research at Malone

While a typical class may involve writing paper and completing projects, authentic research expands the boundaries of what is known and discovers new knowledge. Here at Malone, students can seize opportunities to work closely with faculty members who provide direction and support in research projects across a number of disciplines.

Why research?

Participants in student research have opportunities to:

  • Gain experience creating scholarship in their discipline
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that will help them in future jobs or in graduate school
  • Solve real problems and create new knowledge
  • Benefit from the mentorship of faculty members
  • Have learning experiences as undergraduates that are typically reserved for graduate students

Student Research Symposium

The annual Malone University Student Research Symposium provides students with an opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge creative and academic work. Exciting projects from nearly every discipline are part of this celebration of student achievement.

The date for the Sixteenth Annual Malone University Student Research Symposium is April 20, 2024 in the JC Chapel from 10:00am - 12:00pm.


Our students have conducted research across nearly all disciplines. View descriptions of previous years' projects below.