2020 Student Research Symposium

Due to the COVID-19 limitations placed on social gatherings, this year's Student Research Symposium was moved fully online. Students were able to present their research through Google Hangouts where anyone with a malone.edu email could watch the presentation and ask questions.

Below you will find a list of the presentations that were given, the abstracts, and, for the presentations that were recorded, a link to watch the presentation. 

Math & Science Presentations:

A Study of Mitochondrial Malate Dehydrogenase in Gallus gallus and Other Avian Species

Presented by: Kendall Reidenbach 

Faculty mentor: Kathryn Huisinga

Gauging Water Quality Knowledge at Malone University

Presented by: Delaney Johnson

Faculty mentor: Jason Courter

The Effects of Serine260 Phosphorylation on the Dimer Interface of Cytosolic Malate Dehydrogenase

Presented by: Lauren Geiger, Erik Melekh, Kendall Reidenbach, and Andrew Schmidt

Faculty mentor: Kathryn Huisinga

Effects of MDH1 Mutations on Enzymatic Activity, Predicted Structure and pKa Values

Presented by: Jenna Beakas, Ashley Doudna, Amber Murphy, and Megan Tilton

Faculty mentor: Kathryn Huisinga

Mutating MDH1 at Serine 264 and Its Impact on Dimerization and pKa

Presented by: Easton Black, Olivia Goldinger, Crystal Nguyen

Faculty mentor: Kathryn Huisinga

Nursing Presentations:

What is Keeping You From Sleep?

Presented by: Katie Bender, Rachel Russell, Alyssa Spicer, Danielle Stevenson, and Olivia Weingart

Faculty mentor: Debra Lee

Dietary Intake In Adolescents

Presented by: Brianna Adcock, Nicole Albright, Brandie Fowler, Rachael Medarac, and Hannah Mont

Faculty mentor: Debra Lee

You Are What You See, Really? - The Comparison Game

Presented by: Hannah Eliason, Hannah Holden, Kaylee Shearer, Makalah Trubee, and Kayla Worrell

Faculty mentor: Debra Lee

What Motivates Adolescents to Exercise?

Presented by: Natalie Guel, Anna Hesseman, Christine Lankford, Michael Murphy, and Haley Robinson

Faculty mentor: Debra Lee

Graduate Nursing Presentations:

Exploring Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction in Long- Term Care Facilities Among Nurses and State Tested Nursing Assistants: A Qualitative Study

Presented by: Allison Hupp and Angie Mitchell

Faculty mentor: Lora Wyss

The Relationship Among School Personnel's Knowledge, Attitudes, and Self-Efficacy to Food Allergy Management in Kindergarten through 12th grade Public Schools

Presented by: Julianne Gicei and Kathleen Boughtin Greer

Faculty mentors: Lora Wyss and Debra Lee

Psychology Presentations:

Personality and the Motivation for Sports and Schoolwork

Presented by: Austin Coldsnow, Kobe Troyer, Justin Weidinger, and Clay Wisner

Faculty mentor: Lauren Seifert

The Emotional and Stress Adjustment in College Individuals at a Religious Institution

Presented by: Jamal Rasheed

Faculty mentor: Lauren Seifert

Themes from Online Reports about Homicide/Assault Survivors

Presented by: Madison Day, Emily Giguere, Madeline Lee, Lexus Roshong, and Taylor Shoemaker

Faculty mentor: Lauren Seifert 

Adjustment Support for Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Presented by: Carolina Nakata, Alexa Riemenschneider, Emily Steinke, and Alexis Ulery

Faculty mentor: Lauren Seifert