Abstract: Gauging Water Quality Knowledge at Malone University

This study focused on the subject of water and how much knowledge people had about where their water comes from. People might not think about where their water is coming from when they fill up a cup at their sink and may be unaware of the process water goes through to be treated before it reaches them. With these assumptions in mind, our study developed a survey asking questions related to water quality, sources, and literacy. The survey was conducted at Malone University in Canton, Ohio, and surveyed current undergraduate students. Results from the survey showed that students from rural areas had more knowledge about where their water came from and about threats to Ohio water quality. No differences were noted, however, between class at Malone University and water literacy or knowledge of water source. The majority of respondents reported using the internet or Google to learn more about water-related issues, with a small percentage turning to college classes or professors. Overall, respondents knew very little about water quality or literacy, and many were unable to identify their water source. These results demonstrate the need for more education about these topics in college classes.