Abstract: The Emotional and Stress Adjustment in College Individuals at a Religious Institution

When reading Forester et al. 2018, I learned there was a correlation between workload and very high stress levels. The study I conducted was an assessment of emotional adjustment levels and the stress levels of college undergraduates at a religious institution. An anonymous survey was the best way to obtain this data. It gave the participants the opportunity to gauge their levels of emotion and stress on a scale of 0 to 4, and in their own words, fill out a section in which they described what they did to help manage stress and emotions. My expectation was to discover that undergraduates at Malone University had high stress levels and poor emotional adjustment on specific days of the week. After reviewing the results and I recognized that the majority of the participants answered the survey on the first day, my expectation was now to discover if Malone undergraduates participated in any religious practice to cope with their emotions and stress. If they did not, what were they doing to manage their stress and emotion?