Hagan named to Forbes/ 30 under 30 list


Each year Forbes highlights 30 individuals under the age of 30 deemed as “the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents, and change agents” in 20 different sectors, including finance, technology, art, industry, media, and more.

At 27, Christina Hagan '12 was named to the 2016 Forbes list of law and policy this January.

Hagan was appointed to the Ohio House of Representatives at 22, then was youngest female ever elected to the Ohio House at 24, (and has now been elected twice). A Republican representing District 50, she sits on important committees that include energy (is vice-chair), agriculture, and community and family advancement. 

Hagan has made headlines – and powerful statements about this generation’s stance on motherhood – for bringing newborn daughter Josaphine to work with her almost every day since January.

“It’s not my future I’m planning for – it’s hers. She is my inspiration to do more and be more, I am sure she is empowering others to do the same,” said Hagan. “I am a strong believer that women can do anything and many things simultaneously. I feel called to illustrate some of our strengths outside of the status quo so that the culture can begin to trend more towards supporting and adapting to working families while maintaining our work ethic. I am of the attitude that we can and we will succeed but we have to set the example in a mindful way knowing that history shows that it always takes a little time to change hearts and minds. As a new mom, I understand the need to protect the integrity of our state and national economy for future generations. My work is done to ensure that there is a balanced budget, that lawmakers in Ohio are cutting taxes for working families and that we are doing everything that we can to see the economy flourish.”

Hagan is lauded for her hard work – and feels incredibly blessed to be able to live her dream job at such a young age. 

“There is not one moment where I can believe that I would be afforded such an opportunity to fulfill my passion and dreams if it weren't for God's desire to use me in this position in some way,” she said. “My faith carries me forward in every way and in everything that I do.”