Programs and Events

In an effort to assist faculty, staff, and students of color in finding a sense of community and belonging, the Office of Multicultural Services works with other campus offices and programs and organizations to sponsor speakers, workshops, and Multicultural activities throughout the academic year.


Hispanic Heritage Month

This national celebration of Latino culture kicks off each year from September 15 - October 15.  Events which highlight the contributions, issues, culture, and music of our Latin brothers and sisters is presented to our campus and surrounding communities by our Latin Student Union (LSU) and the Office of Multicultural Services (OMS).  Latin Fest, the Panel Discussion, and Diversity Film Series film all have a Latin theme during this month.

Black History Month

A national celebration each February, Black History Month focuses on the achievements, contributions, and experiences African Americans have made to American society. The events, sponsored by the students of MSU, and the Office of Multicultural Services, bring local and national leaders, performers, and artists to the campus.

Learn more about 2022 Black History Month at Malone.

Martin Luther King Jr. Week

Every January Malone University seeks to renew its commitment to diversity and educational opportunities by supporting and sponsoring events hosted by the Greater Canton Martin Luther King Jr. Commission.  These programs and events honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Malone is a sponsor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Mayor's Breakfast.

A Look into diversity: issues of social justice

A Look into Diversity is a Film Series designed to give students another perspective of the diverse cultures in our society and throughout history using film and commentary as the medium to present life in other cultures.  The goal of the this program is to increase awareness of social issues that impact a variety of cultures represented not only at Malone, but the greater community.  Providing diverse perspectives on social issues allows students to think, respond, and engage in conversation about complex issues in a manner reflective of Christ's mission to love one another.  Domestic and international films which tell a story from a diverse perspective are shown and commentary from a faculty, staff, or community leader with insight and knowledge of the film's content is presented and students are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the films content.  

Panel Discussions

Each semester the Office of Multicultural Services (OMS) presents a Panel of experts from our campus and surrounding community to discuss critical issues of diversity and culture which affect our campus, our community and our world.  Discussions on Immigration, Black Lives Matter, Faith and Diversity have all been presented to allow students an opportunity to gain not only a biblical perspective but a learned, shared experience from individual's perspective.  


SmartStart  Program

The Smart Start Peer Mentorship Program is a designed to help first year African American and International students become acclimated to the Malone University community.  The program serves to advise students on how to succeed during their academic tenure and specifically their first year experience. Upperclassmen are selected and trained to provide incoming freshman students early exposure to university related resources and other relevant information that will help them adjust during their first year at Malone.  

Freshman students participating in the program are also provided emotional, spiritual, and social support during the first year.  Information and activities are designed for students to enhance their academic, spiritual, social, and personal growth.  The program's aim is to reduce the attrition rate among first year African American and International Students.


Ubuntu is a group under the Office of Multicultural Services that focuses on community and relationship building from a Christian perspective.  Students are welcome to share their opinions on issues related to culture whether that’s on campus or off-campus. Ubuntu seeks a diverse range of opinions from students of different ethnic backgrounds. Our main focus is bridging the cultural gap between African, African-Americans and Caribbean-Americans.  We also welcome the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Small group discussions
  • SFO credit
  • Panel discussions & workshops

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