How to Proceed if you Experience a Waitlist

From time to time, we experience a surge of students requesting access to our counseling center.

If you experience being on a waitlist, here is some information to consider: 

  • We know it can be difficult to have to wait when you desire help now 

  • Please know our counselors and support team regularly review and work to resolve the waitlist, and that a student will be contacted by a staff member as soon as an appointment becomes available. 

  • Crisis Text Line: Send a text message to 741-741. If a situation involves thoughts of suicide, thoughts of doing serious harm to self or someone else, or recent serious trauma, we would like you to tell the counseling office “This is an emergency” so that we can respond quickly.
  • If you are having academic problems such as turning in assignments, test anxiety, difficulty concentrating, trouble approaching your instructor for help, or needing to decide whether to keep or drop a class, we suggest that you contact our friends in the Center for Student Success in Founders Hall.

  • If you do not need an emergency appointment, off-campus counseling is accessible rather than being on our waitlist. You do not have to wait to start long-term counseling. There are a number of off-campus therapists in Canton. The Student Development Office can provide a resource list upon request of a student.  However, a student will be responsible for the cost of off campus therapy, so we recommend that a student investigate insurance coverage before scheduling an appointment.

    Some other options of local emergency services:
  • Aultman Hospital Emergency Room: 330-363-6203
  • National Crisis Line: 1-800-272-TALK
  • Local Crisis Line: 330-452-9812